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September 16 2011

Philadelphia CSTS event this weekend with Superpower Charades. CSTS Events also this weekend in Liverpool, Seattle, Charlotte, and Phoenix.

Liverpool UK Saturday 17th September 2011 Serenity Sold out. Dr. Horrible and After party tickets still available last I checked.

Seattle, WA - Saturday Sept 17 has Serenity, Live music.

Charlotte, NC - Sunday Sept 18 has Serenity, Costume Contest, Live music.

Philadelphia, PA - Sunday Sept 18 has Dr. Horrible, Costume Contest, Who am I?" Game -Superhero/Supervillain Edition and Superpower Charades . Almost sold out. Last I read, 4 tickets left.

Phoenix, AZ - Sunday Sept 18 has Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Costume Contests.

For more CSTS events, please see CSTS 2011 events.

We're preparing in Liverpool! Just found out two of my neighbours are coming. I didn't know they were neighbours until recently.

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