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September 17 2011

Watch the pilot for Morena Baccarin's new show 'Homeland'. Looks like it can be viewed if you live outside the United States.

I liked it. The tension between Morena's character and her husband especially was well written and acted. Although predictable, i liked how the story unfolded. It's promising.

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Wow... blurring nudity, editing out moaning and harsh language ? Seriously ? Stupid bigots.
One of my favourite pilots for a long time. But then, I am predisposed to love Damian Lewis. Claire Danes is the best part though.
Not watching until it's premiere. I was already hooked, but now knowing that Morena is in it (had no idea before), I will definitely be staying up late on 10/2.
I don't so much think that's bigotry.
It is very much reminiscent of Sleeper Cell. I'll be watching.
It's very good. The creators/show runners are Howard Gordon (of both "Buffy" and "Angel" early seasons) and Alex Gansa, who was his writing partner in their "Beauty and the Beast" days; they reteamed during Gordon's tenure at "24." To me, "Homeland" also has a "24" vibe, and of course, it's reminiscent of "Sleeper Cell" (which I wish Showtime hadn't canceled).
Need to remember to DVR this bad boy when it eventually airs...
Huge Mandy Patinkin fan. Love a lot of others as well. I really came to hate 24, thought I enjoyed the first couple of seasons. Still, looking forward to this. Most of the shows I want to see are at mid season, but this one and ONCE UPON A TIME are the two I'm most looking forward to in the fall.
Wow... blurring nudity, editing out moaning and harsh language ? Seriously ? Stupid bigots.

Um... that's called censorship, not bigotry (entirely different thing btw.)
Over before I realized the time had gone!
Censorship born out of bigotry, yes.
Censorship born out of bigotry, yes.

Bigotry is only one of many possible motivations for censorship, and I personally wouldn't even consider assigning that one to a particular situation unless I had specific knowledge of both the backgrounds and motivations of the individuals involved. Further, if it were me I'd also refrain from making such an unqualified (in the classical logic sense), open-ended statement as 'Stupid bigots.' since it itself at least gives the appearance of both prejudice and intollerance on the speaker's part (the defining characteristics of bygotry.)

ETA: Clarity.

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brinderwalt, you can debate with other posters without trying to patronize them.
Hey hey hey, people...any censoship in the vid could be due to the fact that it's not protected by a request to enter one's birthdate like some sites will that are hosting or posting material with adult language, violence, nudity, sexuality and other material not suited for all viewers.

Besides, what would the person who censored the video be bigoted against, anyway? Red-haired Welshmen (Damian Lewis? Sultry Brazilian beauties of Italian extraction (Morena Baccarin)? Finicky actors who bail on filming committments (Mandy Patinkin)?

For DirecTV satellite subscribers, the pilot is being previewed beginning this Wednesday (September 21st), on DirecTV's Audience channel. Chances are good it will be the unedited version.

ETA: And... Wow, I was so very wrong. Some of the weirdest, most obvious and distracting blurring/audio doctoring/hamfisted editing I have ever witnessed. Far more egregious than what they are "protecting" viewers from.

Bottom line, though: This is a show to watch. If it continues as powerfully as the pilot, we are in for a treat. Riveting story, vivid characters, superb production values.

And Morena. Jesus, she is effing fantastic. What a great role for her. She owns this.

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Ah... so it is Morena being blurred? At the risk of sounding crass, like I needed another reason to watch this...

Can't wait!

I do actually love Damian Lewis (Life is sorely missed) and am a fan of Claire Danes, so I was going to watch anyway. ;-)
It is both Morena and Damian being blurred/blacked out. Also, sound mutes during... moaning and whatnot.
Good Gaia, what a tense and exciting show! A boatload of props to Claire Danes for such incredible intensity. It seemed like she was practically vibrating, even when she was perfectly still.

Morena was gorgeous, real, and subtle. But Damian, oh Damian. Every single thing I see this man in reaffirms what a stellar actor and phenomenal presence he is. And how LUCKY was Morena to be the one to kiss his boo-boos. *sigh*

I don't even have Showtime. Are they going to do this with every episode, let us see it for free? Or was this just a one-time thing, anyone know?
Willowy, pretty sure it's a one-time thing to get people to sign up for Showtime. Wouldn't make any sense for a premium pay cable channel to give away the show for free. Just a sample to get you hooked. It worked on me.
Sorry Simon/all. Being patronizing was not my intent.
Yes, thanks. I was just hoping they might be doing something special for this particular show. I've never known them to run just a premiere for free, though they've run free weekends since cable was invented. :)
Thanks b!X!

While I can appreciate equal time for both men and women's unclothedness (what? it's a word!), Lewis also having to be blurred is not an added bonus for me. ;-)
I hear you, guidedby.
Damnit, HBO finally got me with Game of I have to get Showtime, too?
At least Showtime is available where you are, a Canadian, even one with satellite TV, I have to wait for someone on my side of the border to pick it up for Canadian broadcast :S
Somehow I managed to enjoy this (thank you for the link!!) even with the blurring and the non-moaning, et al. It's one of the best new shows I've seen in ages (the acting was just top notch) and it is so great to see Morena in a multi-layered role, which she deserves. It still grates though that the bloody violence remained as though a premium cable channel doesn't care we see that, but sexuality, or I should say, viewage of naked body parts and swearing ya gotta pay for? Shakes head short of decapitating self...

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