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September 18 2011

SF author Timothy Zahn is a fan of Firefly. In a comment in "Star Wars: Heir to the Empire - 20th Anniversary Edition", page 266, he compares one of the book's scenes to Firefly's "Jaynestown".

In the scene, Han, Lando and other characters talk about one of Han's earlier adventures, when he was forced by the circumstances to give his loot to some slaves he rescued. The relevant part of the comment is as follows: "An odd echo (pre-echo?) of the Jaynestown episode of the TV series Firefly, where an action that was seen by some as heroic was really nothing more than pure pragmatism on the part of the person involved."

That's pretty cool. I just recently read Zahn's latest Star Wars novel, and he's still good. Is it really too late to get those half-planned Firefly (Serenity?) novels, and to hire him for one?
Zahn's "Heir to the Empire" trilogy was hands down better than anything Lucas himself has done with the franchise since it was written. I had forgotten that discussion since it's been so long since I read it, but yeah, I bet he got a kick out of that. I wonder if it goes both ways -- did Ben Edlund read "Heir to the Empire"? :)
I would imagine it's certainly possible that Edlund read Heir to the Empire some time before he wrote the script for Jaynestown, KingofCretins...though I wonder if the odds of that are any better than Joss having an awareness (specific level subjective) of the anime Outlaw Star when he came up with Firefly ;D

Then again, I would think the idea of the slaves being given the captured goods of their slavers after being saved by the hero/heroes of a story is a fairly old concept, sort of a Hammurabic Code type of justice thing...

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