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January 18 2004

Someone thought Dawn on Angel was petition-worthy. Who the hell thought this was a worthy cause!

Another in the growing masses of completely pointless internet petitions, look hard enough and they'res probably one to get a character who was in the background in one episode of season 1, to appear in Angel.

Everyone has their favourite characters. From your user name I gather it's obvious which one is yours. Try not to slag off groups of fans in your posts, please.
Huh. I like Dawn. I signed the petition a long time ago, when the person who made it told me about it through another means. And y'know, yes, internet petitions may be viewed as pointless by some, but one never knows. If MT shows up on Angel, the people on the list could have had an influence. Perhaps not as large as the money concerns and schedule, but ME and the cast (in my opinion) DO pay attention to the fans.

You never know...
Well, actually, I'm the one who thought it was worthy cause. :D
Dawn on Angel would make sense but given MT's busy schedule at the moment I can't see it happening this season. However for a sixth season who knows?

Still like to see Nick guesting on the show.
Because having Spike on Angel is doing wonders for the show, right, Ghost Spike?

Go, Ambs! Dawn on Angel would be cool. She's an interesting character, and Michelle Trachtenberg's a wonderful young actress. Plus the thought of Fred/Dawn makes me feel...splurgy.
Hey, hey, I'm not slagging off Dawn, I wouldn't object to seeing her crossover, I just think they'res a lot more worthy characters. Yes, you'd be right, from my user-name it's pretty obvious that my favorite character has crossed over. Perhaps my comment about a background charcter getting a petition was an exageration, I just believe before we see Dawn, we should see Willow, Giles, Xander.
That said,

[ edited by Simon on 2004-01-18 21:46 ]
Understandable. And of course, I wouldn't be greatly excited about Willow or Xander crossing over - though Giles? I would. It's all about personal preferences. And don't worry, you didn't really offend me.

Also, Simon? Yeah, I'm not really hoping for a this-season appearance. I'm hoping for a sixth season thing. *grins*
I want Oz to come back. I sorely miss him. He probably hook up with that new Werewolf chick from "Unleashed." I don't really care. I just want Oz back.
Ghost Spike, I wasn't talking about you slagging off a character. I'm talking about "Who the hell thought this was a worthy cause!" which smells like slagging off a group of fans. Just take it easy, okay?

Carry on.
Well, I never cared much for Dawn on Buffy, so I'm not really for a crossover. I also can't see how she'd fit into the story or with the gang. Per canon, Wesley and Angel know her, though we've never seen any interaction. Any Harmony relationship is a laugh. The only person she would connect with is Spike, but their friendship was a non-issue in season 7, so I don't see anything happening there.
I don't really think Dawn is grown up enough to have anything to do with Wolfram & Hart.

I think Giles would be good because he has a history with Spike, Angel, and Wes. Willow always seems to find a way to fit in. Xander I'm not sure about. He never liked Angel or Spike, so there doesn't seem to be much for him to do. Maybe have another girlfight with Harm, but that's about it.

[ edited by Simon on 2004-01-18 21:47 ]
I've edited a couple of posts to make spoilers invisible as this is a non-spoiler thread.

Anyway moving on, Amberina personally I think its more and more likely that we will get a season 6 so who knows who will we see next season. And if there is a season 6 I reckon it will be the last one.
I have to say I agree with you there, I'm not really worried about Angel, I'm pretty sure it'll get another season, but for along while I've just had this feeling it'll be the last, don't no why.
Simon - Yeah I agree about the 'we'll get a next season but it'll be the last' thing. That seems to be a vibe I'm getting.

And SpikeBad - Dude. Oz/Nina? Yes. That would work so very very well.
I'm not too excited to have any BtVS characters appear on AtS until the regulars get some story going for themselves. The MOWs have pretty much brought that to a screeching halt, and I don't want to see anything else draining even more time away from the actual stars of the show. But that's just me.
It is physically impossible for me to agree any more with wissxwe. Gunn, Wes, and Fred have already been marginalized enough.
Fred is all over the place. I agree that Gunn and Wes are widely ignored, but Fred is around quite a bit- she's probably the most consistently on screen person besides Angel. Then there's Harm's Way, where she was on screen more than any of the cast members, even Angel.

Maybe it's because Fred is the least changed from the mindwipe (as opposed to Angel, of course, because nothing's wiped from his brain). She's a bit less angsty, but nowhere near as different as Gunn and Wes. Especially Wes, nearly all that darkness from seasons 3 & 4 is gone. He's empty, and it will take something major for Gunn and Wes to go back to how they should be. Their personalities are false at the moment. I hope some Connor stuff will be dealt with this year, because every time I see Wes and Gunn, I know they're fake. Any growth they could go throw is fake, because they're not using the knowledge and experiences they should have gained from last year.
but Dawn thats another thing I never liked the character and I think the only way she could come across is with Buffy or it wouldn't make sense.

[ edited by Simon on 2004-01-19 15:47 ]
Dawn on Angel? I cannot think of any way that would make sense. I agree with the others in the fact that others would make more sense before Dawn. Plus I too would like to see the core group get some storylines pronto.
Core group storylines would be ideal but I'm wondering if one of the more less obvious storylines for season 5 is the delibrate fragmentation of Team Angel as they succumb to the machinations of Wolfram and Hart. A house divided and all that.
I would love to see any Buffy characters show up--really miss Xander--and I signed the petition for Dawn, its a worthy enough cause in my book! But--yeah--the main focus has to be the actual characters on the show--what made the early seasons of Angel so strong was how character driven they were--Angel, Cordelia, Doyle, then Wesley, then the beginninge of developement for Gunn. Lineage was really excellent and showcased Wes, but more Wes by all means--but we REALLY need a Gunn centered narrative--he's gone through all these changes and that has to be explored or else it will just feel superficial.I'm sure they'll do a Gunn-centered one--this season of Angel rocks!! Whoo--hooo!
Personally, I would be perfectly happy with removing Dawn from every episode of season's six and seven...So you can pretty much guess that I would not be looking for her return on AtS...Bring Xander and Giles back!
Why is it so far-fetched for Dawn to end up in LA? I mean, even I can think of a simple way to get her in FangGangland: She graduates high school and decides to go to college in LA to be near her dad (who was last known to live there, right?) and Buffy accompanies her to see her off to school... and stops by W&H to ask Angel and Co. to keep an eye on her. Then would it be so impossible that she'd get closer to Fred and Co. and hang out with the gang? Heck, maybe Dawn wants to go pre-Med and hangs out with Fred for help on Chemistry. (ahem.) Anywhoo. If I can come up with that simple scenario, then I know that Joss & Co. can come up with something better. If Spike can fit, then so can anyone else. Dawn's character has the most potential to grow, IMO. And, then there's always the possibility of that Connor/Dawn meeting. =)

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