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September 20 2011

James Marsters on Hawaii Five-0. Was very surprised to see James back on H5-0 last night, anyone else catch it?

I'm sorry I missed it.
Terry O'Quinn was on there too right? Did they have a scene together? Cause that would be the best thing in the world.
yes Terry was on there but they didn't have a scene together ...
James had a couple of scenes.
embers et al, you can watch it online at CBS.

ETR: an annoying superfluous "

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I just caught it. The fight between Hess and McGarrett made me smile. I thought it was pretty good for Hawaii Five-0.
The only bad thing about it was he won't be back. This fight was much better than the first one they had. I judge most TV fights against any Whedon or SPN fights. Both of them have movie worthy fights.
Yeah the Hawaii 5 0 fight was great. James said they did a lot of it without stunt men because Alex is a (certified?) stuntman in Australia. And James just likes to.

Supernatural has good fights? I do miss the awesome Buffy fights. I remember when James was on Smallville I started watching that, I couldn't believe how lame the fights were.

I'm gonna start watching Supernatural now because James will be on it. Glad to hear I'll be getting a good fight fix.
Yep. Caught it. I don't usually care for fights, but that was a pretty good one.
@Xane: WHAT???? James is going to be on Supernatural?? I never miss an ep of that series so if he shows up I will be doing my happy dance.
@rehabber He and Charisma Carpenter are going to be on an episode together:

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