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September 20 2011

Emma Caulfield and Tom Lenk together on Bandwagon. Hilarity ensues :D.

This series is so well done.
Tom Lenk is also working on a movie called "Gone" that's trying to get off the ground via Kickstarter.

Here's the link:

And here to "like" on Facebook: and

Mods, should this go in it's own post?
Wow, I love this! Why didn't I hear about it until episode 10?? This is hilarious and awesome!
I'm not sure why they are calling this "season 1", because there was actually a season before this. You should go watch from the beginning, embers. It's hilarious.
Yeah, I am watching from the beginning now... and I was pleased to see that Joss Whedon did a voice appearance in part 3, and Emma's performance throughout is such an amazing blend of LA self involvement and posing 'do-gooding'. This is very original and funny!

According to the official blog:

Season 2 will be now be referred to as Season 1.

And what was BW Season 1 (really, the original feature length festival film) will be known as Bandwagon, The Movie broken into Parts On Line.

We are making this change for a bunch of reasons all which would bore you. The main reason is our current season really is our first go at this project as a webseries and being conceived of AS a webseries. As such we want to reflect that in the titles.

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