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September 20 2011

Reed Diamond to appear in upcoming film "Moneyball". Mr. Diamond portrays Cleveland Indians President, Mark Shapiro.

His IMDb page says that the role is uncredited. I saw the movie last week and while his character doesn't have a lot of screen time, I'm not sure why he wouldn't be credited. The movie is really great. Reed Diamond has much of his attitude that we loved in Dollhouse and has great on-screen chemistry with Brad Pitt.

He was one of the best things about the show at the start so I'll be checking this out. Cheers.
I've seen the movie. Pretty sure Reed Diamond is credited. He has a smallish role (I think it's only one long scene) and he does it very well, just as one would expect. The movie is co-written by Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin, so the dialogue is very snappy.
I'm looking forward to this. :D

Here's the list of the international release dates.

Reed Diamond has much of his attitude that we loved in Dollhouse

I suddenly imagined his Moneyball character wearing a badass, pinstriped suit and paisley tie while carrying a bigass gun and shouting orders at Brad Pitt. Haha! XD
Well, going by his twitter account, it sounds as if his scene had been a candidate for the cutting room floor, and only late in the process was reinstated.

Haven't seen the movie, but he is generally great in what he does.

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