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September 20 2011

New footage from The Avengers to be shown at New York Comic Con. And there will be surprise guests as well at the Saturday panel.

I wish they would release a trailer already.
Next month apparently.
I can see it's going to fast become increasingly difficult not to be spoiled for the movie due to my own rampant curiosity, my miniscule level of resistance, and because I will be constantly teased by the splendid tauntings offerings on this site. Arrrrgh! ;-)
I've had my 4 day pass for NYCC for months. SO excited! Fingers crossed Joss is one of the surprise guests ;)
Yes! My first NYCC just got even better!

Any advice from the comic con pros on how early one should get in line for this panel? 2 hours? More?
@EvilFirePixie8: I was planning on asking the same thing, it's going to be my first NYCC as well(or any con for that matter). I was going to shoot for 2 hours as well, but I was hoping to get some pro advice.

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