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September 21 2011

Der sympathische Vampir - a new book about the Buffyverse. Subitled "Visualisierungen von Männlichkeiten in der TV-Serie Buffy", it's a German text that looks at the gender and sexuality of male vampires on Buffy and Angel. Read the contents page and introduction in English courtesy of Google Translate.

Buy the book at or

Ahh, no. I think I understood the point this author was making with the latest vampire rage of the recent movies (read "Twilight, ect). However, couldn't quite connect the dots between that and BtVS which is a whole another animal. The distances here are so far, there's no compare.

Translating German makes my head ache.
From the table of contents: "dandyesque Angels apparel"

What? and also Bwahaha!
"Many other recent vampire novels are fighting for places in the best-listen carefully and fill with spider webs, velvet, and bats"

I couldn't have said it better myself.
"Manly Vampires do not sing and dance"
"Manly Vampires do not cry, discuss feelings and watch soap operas"

"Contrary, the sympathetic subject, the vampire with a soul, such as fishing or with a "behavior modification chip," as Spike."

Long live Google Translate
fishing -> fishing rod = Angel (the German word for 'fishing rod').
The German major in me is kind of tempted to get this.
Angel sported lace cuffs in flashbacks to his origin, didn't he? But certainly not in the "present." I'm not into the headache of translating the translation, so I leave it to you.

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