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September 22 2011

Alan Tudyk's idea for a Serenity sequel. It would focus on one particular character.

As much as I'd love any more anything set in the 'Verse, I'm wondering if the best choice might not be a YoSaffBridge starring TV project. Less need for serialization, with lots of "caper of the week". Depending on the tone of the show, it could fit on a variety of Cable Networks.

(I know that it won't happen either, but I think that in the hypothetical world it's not the worst of ideas).
I just sent Alan a tweet about his idea - it's actually very similar to Jose Molina's story 'Take the Sky' that can be found in the Firefly: Still Flying Companion book.
Alan's pitch sounds like The Dark Knight Returns.
I'm sure this has been said before but what about an animated series? The actors wouldn't have to be on set for "filming", age wouldn't be a factor and if they only have to go in and do voice work it shouldn't interfere with their current schedules too much.

I would assume filming costs would be low too but I might be wrong on that.
I like to imagine a sequel called Serenity 2: Wash. It's just two hours of footage of a decomposing corpse.
I'm with you, faneater.
Under the Red Hood was one of my favourite films of last year.
If you get the team that worked on that to do Serenity: The Animated Series, that would be a dream.
I still long to see the Wash-centric "The Zeppo" style episode wherein everyone else gets caught up in lots of off-screen action/adventure while he gets himself trapped in the Head off the bridge.
SPOILERS AHEAD: I think the idea would be OK but add bringing back the other (living) characters into his life. Let Mal and Inara hook up finally (nothing wrong with a somewhat happy ending). Make them all up to age them more but then have Alan play the son that Zoe had (see Float it a boy?). Alan needs to start filming his parts now though so he doesn't get too old. Might have to make him look younger digitally as well. As much as I like Mal I like having all the characters together.
I wouldn't want it to be just about Mal so my idea would be:

Mal, Jayne, Simon and his wife Kaylee & Zoe and her son by Wash have stayed with Mal. Serenity is being used as a shuttle service traveling between planets but the real mission has been helping the Browncoats who have been trying to reorganize because things under the alliance have gotten worse.

We can start off seeing Mal and crew seeming to live a normal life as a shuttle crew. We can see them all go to bed and then a mysterious small ship is shadowing them. After they go to bed, we see someone, in a red space suit, drop onto the ship and enter through the hatch. Mal wakes up and has just exited his bunk when he turns and sees this mysterious person, he reacts but is quickly knocked down when River removes her helmit to reveal herself, flashes her beautiful smile and says "I'm home!"

River, who is now an Operative for the Browncoats, tells them that Inara has been captured by the Alliance along with his son (yeah, they hooked up finally, were a couple for awhile and broke up but still love each other ). Inara had a secret and as Mal and the team are trying to find out where she is we find out more about the secret past she led as a spy working for the Browncoats.
Um...just so we're all clear, didn't Float Out establish Zoe's child as a girl?
I can see some sort of "holodeck Wash" happening for a story. They could have the technology I think. It's not too much more than what we saw in Serenity. And I think it would work story-wise; especially if they needed to consult Wash about some crucial bit of information and then in the end there would be an angsty moment where they themselves had to turn off or "kill" the Holodeck-Wash. All the characters would have personal issues that would be brought up by being confronted by "Wash" throughout the story. And hey! They could be on some mysterious legacy quest of unfinished business bequeathed to to them by Book via a video-will. (Maybe there could even be a couple of videos sprinkled around the 'verse for good measure and more Book face time.)

There. All nine of our heroes back "together" for an adventure-y purpose with pain and suffering and someone even has to "die" again. That sounds to me like a do-able BDH story that would work ten or even twenty years after the end. *sigh* Now I want to see it.
I read the linked article expecting Alan's idea to be another joke, but I actually really like it. It could work, could make a good story even if some of the other actors are unable to do it because of other committments.

Barring a sequal, I want books. Not comic books, not animation. Novels with lots of rich, beautiful dialog, because that is such a big part of what made the series great. Comic books are too sparse for my taste, and animation wouldn't let me see the actors real faces. Novels are full of detail and let me use my imagination to visualize.

After Star Trek was cancelled, some great Sci-Fi writers wrote books to continue the story. They were a lot of fun! If some of the Firefly writers were interested, why couldn't they write books with Joss giving the direction and final approval? Jane Espenson gave us a hint of what this could be like when she collected the short stories in the Firefly: Still Flying book that Break_Atmo mentioned.
Can't they terraform that planet where Wash and Book are buried and bring them back to life?
Now that they've been struck down, they are more powerful than we can possibly imagine!

I want glowy Book and Wash to give Mal advice. A lot.
It's not so much like Jose's story, except that they both involve an older Mal.

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