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September 22 2011

Joss Goes Clubbing. It's the one where you walk instead of dancing, and instead of a crowded bar and pumping techno, there's Lupus. But it's the coolest club that ever let me in.

Hey campers (and those of you not in tents), you've probably already been linked to this but it's getting down to the day and I'm going to go ahead and ask, if you can add a little something to the pile, or know people who could, this is a deeply important deal.

Club Mo has raised an unprecedented amount for Lupus research. The problem is, it's unprecedented because there's not enough money for Lupus research. The goal isn't just to hit a number, it's to END THIS DISEASE. We're walking, and we're sponsoring other walkers, because we know up close how crippling this illness is. Lupus attacked Mo. So we're hitting back, because you don't mess with my little sis. I don't usually advocate violence, but let's beat the s#%& out of Lupus. We'll all feel better.


Well said sir.

With two friends and a cousin who suffer from this awful disease I shall be making a contribution.
Hi *waves*. The PR company sent us a press release about the walk.


Lupus Foundation of America Fifth Annual Los Angeles Walk for Lupus Now ®

Walk for Lupus Now brings together thousands of walkers, supporters, and volunteers to raise urgently needed funds for life-saving lupus research and support programs.
When: Saturday, September 24, 2011

Check in: 9:00 a.m.

Walk starts: 10:00 a.m.

Where: Christmas Tree Lane in Exposition Park

Register: To register or for more information visit, or call 877-910-9779.

Who: The Lupus Foundation of America is the foremost national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding the causes of and cure for lupus, and providing support, services, and hope to all people affected by lupus. The LFA and its national network of chapters, support groups, and local representatives conduct programs of research, education, and advocacy.

What: The Lupus Foundation of America’s (LFA) Walk for Lupus Now brings together thousands of walkers, supporters, and volunteers in nearly 70 cities across the nation to raise urgently needed funds for life-saving research and support programs. It is also an opportunity for the lupus community to come together and raise awareness of the disease in their local communities.

Individuals scheduled to attend the event include:

• Eduardo Xol, designer, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and

2011 Walk for Lupus Now Grand Marshal

• Kathy Vara, Guest Emcee, News Anchor, NBC News 4

Also in attendance will be LFA supporters including: Felicia Day, Eliza Dushku, Grant Imahara, Kay Panabaker, Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon, Randall Winston, Busy Philipps and Joss Whedon

Me and Lupus are not friends, so I worship anybody who supports this. Unless you're evil, in which case I quietly admire and fear you instead.
If anyone is interested, the following is written by someone who has Lupus. It's very powerful.
There's also Maurissa's blog, which is well worth a read. Dichen's mum also has Lupus. It's one of those things which has touched me personally, so I went on a hunt of information about Lupus to try to get my head around it and how it impacts people. And two things stick out to me; it affects a surprising amount of people, and there's not that much information out there, science wise. There's theories, and lots of them, about what causes flares, that kind of thing. But it's difficult to wrap my mind around the idea this is a disease which impacts peoples lives in unexpected ways -- and it's not fully understood by a long shot. There needs to be research, and that needs money - it will change, and save, lives.
The Dr. Horrible Tshirts are now gone, aren't there? Those were a great fundraiser for this. Reading Maurissa's blog has already taught me so much about this disease. I'm glad that Joss decided to up the ante on the fund raising.
Club Mo's got an awful lot of people in it who I really admire anyway... and, on top of that, several of them have generously participated in my Project Teddy Bear fundraising projects over the years, often *multiple* times. I can't personally donate as much as I'd like, so, I'm hoping to help give back to a cause important to them with a special batch of auctions that are live now with half the proceeds going to the Lupus Walk.

If anybody wants to check them out, they're here:

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I'm always ready for a rumble.
Some stats on Club Mo: Its funds account for 28% of the fundraiser's current total. It is the top fundraising team. It has four walkers in the top ten (based on contributions).
Joss, (how delightful to see you) linked, donated, and in fact, myself and a Browncoat I know on Twitter joined/donated to Team Grant (Imahara) who is walking on behalf of Team Mo, and who has promised to rap each donor's name during the walk. There better be video/audio Grant! :-)

ETA: I think you can still get on Grant's Team (Team Mo):

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As a fellow auto-immune sufferer I have become a huge Mo fan and avid follower. I wish she weren't sick; but I'm glad to see so much awareness and effort. It's awesome that this team is raising so much for the effort. Go MO!
Joss' timing is perfect, Club Mo was linked a long time ago (last month?) and this is a timely reminder right before that actual walk on September 24th. You are all Big Damn Heroes!
I'm there, Joss. Looking forward to walking Saturday!

Bless Mo and you and everyone involved. Let's kick Lupus into the engine!

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Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention, it had somehow slipped my notice when it was posted earlier. Donated. Let's show Lupus who's boss!
Yes, thanks for the reminder. I also missed it the first time.
Wow. I had no idea Mo suffered from this. My estimation of her has just gone up a millionfold. She is awesome.
Felicia put out the call and so I've already donated, but I'm glad to see so many others who have also donated since then.

As usual, the Joss man using his powers for good.
I can't make the walk but you can count on a donation. My wife has a very good friend with Lupus. Having a mother with cancer right now, I know how important research and donations are to fighting things like this. You can count on it.
Unlike the world in House, in the real world, it can be Lupus and when it is, it's terrible. Donate, people, it'll make you feel shiny.
Way ahead of you, Sir Whedon. Made a donation yesterday. Here's to to a future where it REALLY won't ever be lupus.
I'm walking with Team Mo with Salena and Michelle. A disease people hear about yet know nothing about.
My dearest friend in the world has it, and yes it is a very misunderstood and mysterious disease. My fondest wish would be for her to be free of it for good. Thanks for letting us know about this, Joss.

Love you, Sa.
Let's curbstomp this bastard.
Dear Mr. Joss sir and your lovely sis-in-law: It's beyond my financial means to donate to this worthiest of causes, but I will do my own small part to spread the word as far and as wide as I can, by emailing everyone I know (including Erica Amato & Douglas Romayne).

And hopefully those folks will donate if they can, and help spread the word.

To paraphrase Buffy & Giles: "Diseases suck." "Yes. That is why we must cure them."
Made my donation to Felicia's team yesterday, as well as buying a couple of the Dr. Horrible t-shirts - one for CSTS Vancouver 2012 and one for me. I've been following Mo's tumblr since she started it and my admiration for her has grown even higher. I will be with all the walkers in spirit as they kick Lupus to the curb!
Thanks for letting us know about this Joss.

Glad to see you're still fighting the good fight on, and off, screen.

Clicking over there in three, two, one...
Also, I want to add something from the perspective of a medical research scientist. The goal of the walk is $225k. They aren't quite there yet, which is sad. But let me tell you how far 225k will go. To you it may seem like a large amount of money but in research terms it is not. $225k funds one persons work for 3-4 years. That's just salary and consumables in the lab. I may not work on Lupus, but i've worked on breast, prostate, and ovarian cancer as well as superbugs, and even the basic reagents costs tens of thousands a year. Equipment for new technology that helps makes ground breaking discoveries does not come cheap. A mass spectrometer, ion torrent genome sequencer, or FACS machines aren't something every lab can afford, so they are very expensive, even though they could mean the difference between a breakthrough or not.

But this money could fund the one or two projects that makes the difference in the fight against lupus.

The US, UK, Europe, and AUS are or are looking to slash medical research funding. If you can at all find it in your budget to donate even $10 to this or any medical research, please do. We are having to rely more and more on the generosity of the average joe to keep our research going through foundations rather than government funding.

Every medical researcher out there appreciates your support, whether it to be to our own field of research or someone else's, whether it be to a foundation in our country or someone else's, We all want the same thing. To stop these horrible diseases as soon as we can.

Thankyou all so much for your generosity, it is appreicated more than you can know.

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I can't believe I just threw out an ion torrent genome sequencer. (that really SOUNDS expensive too)

Obviously I'm just kidding, it was a de-sequencer. And obviously I'm kidding again, it's all just in my head.

But back to serious, thanks for writing that Ivalaine, it kicked me in the butt and now I've made my donation and feeling good about it! (It took me until friday but I finally did something good this week)
I'd just like to say thanks to Joss, Mo and anyone who's donating. I've been unwell since May and have only recently been diagnosed with lupus (among other things - anyone heard of APS?). Luckily, mine doesn't seem as severe as some people's is (all major organs currently in working order :D ) but it has thrown things out of whack a bit and I'm still trying to get control of it.
Props to Mo - and anyone else here -for managing with her form of the disease so well for so long.
Keep fighting the good fight, people!
Shep - it's a coagulation disorder, right?
As others have said, I heard about this awhile back and forgot to make my donation. Thanks, Joss, for the reminder regarding a worthy cause. Better late than never ... donation made. Go Team Mo and LFA!!
Club Mo is now at $68,000, which is 32% of the walk's total to date.
I was surprised that only 34 posts have been made at a Joss thread (which normally get over a hundred in no time), but as b!X points out, there has been in HUGE response in terms of donations to Club Mo!

Woo Hoo Felicia Day is the top earner of donations now!
Shoot, evidently Beverly Knaup's donors are serious about staying on top and quickly donated more... so Felicia is back in 2nd place. :(

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Donated a tiny bit but that's all I can do right now...
This is pretty damn awesome, it's a good thing they are doing! =)
Go ClubMo!

Felicia and Mo both donated to Beverly to help her stay in the first place! =)
Indeed. Felicia decided it was more appropriate for Beverly Knaup to be the top walker over her, so several people have started donating to keep her up top.
Wow, that's so sweet; I looked up Beverly Knaup's story and I can definitely understand their feeling that she deserves the top walker position.
Contributed something to the cause. I'm proud to belong to a fandom that reaches out to help others.
The Lupus Foundation just passed their goal, now with $225,053.51! #ClubMo is at $71,803.00!
Well before this drops off the page, may I just say how much I would LOVE to have a ClubMo Tshirt!

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