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September 22 2011

Who did SMG play on All My Children? Link to the first clip; here is the second. Sarah Michelle Gellar returned for a cameo before the soap comes to a close, not playing her original role. So how'd they do it? Watch.

There's an unofficial YouTube version that compiles these two clips, but I figured better to link to authorized versions on Hulu.
As ever, Hulu won't let us forriners watch. Grr. Aaaarrrg.
I haven't watched All My Children since Erica Kane was a teenager. Someone want to fill me in the storyline here if there is one? Love the shoutouts to her past roles.
I haven't watched AMC since the early 80s but I do know that SMG played a character named Kendall, who was conceived when Erica was a teenager. She won an Emmy for the role.

Invisible texted due to possible triggery spoilers:
Ok, gotta admit to a little squee when she said 'vampires'. But still not getting what they were going for - Buffy/Kendall? Kendall/Buffy? And if she is Erica's daughter, what does that make Joyce? Is this part of her "Normal Again" experience?

I'm confuzzled. She was using her Buffy voice. If she would've asked to see Spike (Kendall's son and an intentional shout-out), that would've been perfect. Or maybe even more confusing...
As little to no sense as this made, I kind of liked it. Probably just because of the fact that they said she was seeing vampires before they were trendy. Reminded me of the line in the Twilight arc.
Those scenes were double-reverse inside reference fests.

The doctor in the scenes was played by Eva LaRue, who used to be on the cast as Dr. Maria Santos. She is another actress who returned for the end of the show... though not as a cameo but apparently for the past couple of months.
For the confused, and as b!X noted in the headline, SMG is not Kendall. SMG made it a condition of returning to AMC that in respect for the actress currently playing the role, she'd come back as someone else: .
Since having watched AMC back when Sarah was Kendall, that was a lot of fun to see her return. Cute nod to her past with the show and Buffy. And it's great she did a scene with Eva La Rue, although it would have been a lot more fun to see her in a scene with the current Kendall and Erica Kane.

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