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September 22 2011

Ben Edlund, Amy Berg and Angelina Burnett on the Nerdist Writers Panel #8. Lots of Joss talk in this one. Also, adult language. :)

This would be the one--assuming it didn't get cut--in which Amy Berg tells her extraordinarily frustrating story of how she met Joss. It pains me to hear it. But it's also pretty funny.
This is actually the second one where she tells that story. I don't get what's frustrating about it; it's a spectacular story.
Because as an aspiring writer in LA, those are exactly the sorts of stunts you're not supposed to pull, that can get you labelled crazy (or, at best, a little overzealous) etc. Except that usually when you hear about them, it's because they worked out fantastically, as in this case.

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Ah, yes. I concede the point.
Yep. That story is in here. You're right, these kinds of antics are extremely frowned upon by most, but she made it work in her favor and for that, Ben Edlund calls her an a**hole. :)
Ben and Angelina both hilariously call Amy all sorts of things in this panel. The best story in here, though, might be Angelina's story about The Cleaner. Creatively horrifying TV experience, and thus pretty illustrative.

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