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September 23 2011

Cobie Smulders talks about Joss and The Avengers. She appears on 'Season 7, Ep 1' of the latest How I Met Your Mother podcast.

ETA: Sorry for lack of information: there's a Play/Stop streaming button next to the listed podcasts. The podcast itself isn't too long and she's present throughout.

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Any indication where in the podcast she talks about this? And you can't listen to this podcast from this link unless you download it on itunes.
Yeah, iTunes is a bit of a mess, for me anyway(s)...

But it is worth the struggle... ;-) It's a 10+ minute interview in a 16 minute podcast, with lots of J#55 and that film he's making...

[ETA] The gest:

Welcome to Cobie, agent of S.H.I.E.LD. (!), at 1:40 into the podcast...

Q1: The Avengers... Are you allowed to tell us how many you've signed on for?
A; Yeah, this one, ! Not that that's decided yet... Something about Contract-bits...

Q2: Was there any thing that really surprised you (on filming The Avengers)?
A: Everything! I was so happy to see a friendly face of Joss Whedon, because I know him socially...
It was HUGE.

Q3 <> How was it working with Joss Whedon?
A: A dream... Cobie felt very 'green'.

Q4: How would you compare Joss Whedon to Pam (director of HIMYM)?
A: long answer

Q5: Would you say you have any particular techniques in acting?
A: long answer

Q6: What is more fun to play? Robin in or out a relationship.
A: long answer, but both. "It's all about The Chase."

final Q: I would like to ask you about "Fame" itself. Is it changing now?
A: She doesn't feel famous, but indeed it is shifting...

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