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September 23 2011

The Guild Comics On Sale at Dark Horse Digital Store. If you've missed any of Felicia Day's Guild comics and you have between $0.99 and $7.92 burning a hole in your pocket, you can own the whole collection in digital form.

The weekend sale lasts, predictably, for the weekend and has the books in question marked down to ninety-nine cents each.

I wonder if they'll ever release digital Buffy comics when they're released in print. Or would that make them lose money?

I just wish I didn't have several shelves with Buffy comics that could fit in a Kindle. They just takes up space.

Right now though, if they released Buffy comics, I would still hesitate to buy, because of the way Darkhorse allows the readers to read the digital comics. It's not the best way to display or navigate the pages and it's simply easier to read physical copy. Why not just allow to scroll the way he do web pages?
I like the Guild!

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