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September 23 2011

Stephanie Romanov interview on SciFiandTvTalk. Great interview with Stephanie about her time on Angel.

Good read! I love Stephanie Romanov! Odd they (she) got Lilah's death wrong.
Yeah! I noticed that too! Lilah wasn't killed by the beast! It was Cordy/Jasmine! Seems odd that she remembers her own character's death wrong...
I just watched 'Home' yesterday morning on TNT. Lilah really is one of the most dynamic characters on the show and I for one would not be afraid to meet Stephanie! I love what Lilah brings.

The first two commenters spoke on Stephanie getting Lilah's death wrong, but how about the fact that she says that "Lilah is the type of woman who’s basically only had herself to take care of"? What about her mother? I suppose her mother doesn't 'count' because she lives in a home?

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The death of Lilah was one of the most tragic on the shows. Not because of Cordy, or Wes, but because Stephanie was so damn perfect in that role. What an awesomely wicked character! Tough as nails and smooth as silk. Sorely missed in Season five.
It is odd that she seemingly misremembered Lilah's death. Is it possible that they filmed an alternate death for Lilah whereby the Beast stabbed her, and that's what she recalled?

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