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September 24 2011

Whedonverse talent goes Walking for Lupus with Club Mo. As previously mentioned by joss, Whedonverse people including Felicia Day, Nirvana Adams, Dichen Lachman, Miracle Laurie and her husband Chris May (pop fact: he appeared in Buffy), Jenny DeArmitt, Shawna Trpcic, Joss, Zack, Jed and Maurissa are out walking in aid of Lupus research. The group has raised $73k, and is still taking donations online.

I'm actually compiling everything via Storify, if anyone wants one nice stream of social media.
Technical wizardry, b!X. I've swapped the address.
Lupus Foundation, you keep making Mo money.
Wonder if Miracle *likes* essence of slug. IMDB doesn't have any kind of bio for him, just credits. Hmm, this is how many all-Whedonearth couples in real life? (There's only 3 strictly-Buffyverse ones -Willsley, Tarren, and Tuckeve- but otherwise I wonder.)

More power to the bunch 'em!
Just added to the Storify a couple pics from @LAlupusLady, including this one of Joss, Felicia, and (I think) Amy Berg of Eureka.
It certainly looks like a wonderful successful day in every way!
According to the event's press release, Club Mo is the first team in the walk's history to break $50,000.
I was most impressed by Felicia donating $100 to Beverly Knaup's campaign to ensure Bev got top spot. Since Bev is only about $500 short of her goal of $15k, I donated to hers too -- I figure any donation will help Mo!
Mo tweeted a photo gallery (not hers) with lots of great pictures of Joss posing with a lot of people much shorter than him (it must be a relief after filming Avengers with so many really tall actors!). Okay, I know, that is a silly perspective for me to take....
BTW, anyone who was there: if you think you can tell the proper order of events depicted in the linked Storify piece, please take a stab at letting me know. Right now they are in the order tweeted, posted, etc., and I'm wondering if it'd be better off in an event chronology instead.
Wow, b!X, your photos are spectacular, I feel like I was there (even though I was 2000 miles away). I particularly love the photo of Joss picking up girls. LOL
Those aren't mine. Sorry about that.
Beverly is only about $500 shy of her 15k target. Surely we can help make that happen for her?

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