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"That was watercooler vengeance!"
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January 19 2004 nominated in Fourth Annual Weblog Awards. The 'Bloggies' are publicly-chosen awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs. Whedonesque is nominated in the category 'Best Community Weblog'. Voting will close at 10:00 PM EST on Saturday, January 31. Vote for us now.

Voted already, fingers crossed and all that.
We're in impressive company, I must say.
Voted and fingers crossed for you too!!!
Voted, but we don't really stand much of a chance against fark, metafilter and slashdot, now do we? ;-)

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David and Goliath.
Well, given the competition, I'd say it was just an honor just being nominated!
I like being the underdog:-) Rather like the nature of Whedon himself, isn't it?
I've actually never heard of any of those other sites...guess I don't get out much on the web. But my vote is cast!
I've also never heard of any of those other sites so maybe Whedonesque has a chance! Who knows, there could be a lot of lurkers out there who don't post but just like the site. I lurked for months before I signed up and just enjoyed reading the articles. Any way, you've got my vote! Good luck Whedonesque!
Of these websites that are listed in the same category, I visit Slashdot and Fark on a daily, sometimes hourly basis... which is about the same frequency that I use when checking out Whedonesque.
Metafilter, Slashdot and Fark have been recognised enough. It's time for us!
Voted! Yay, go Whedonesque!
Just voted for Whedonesque, too...but technically, I think Metafilter should be disqualified...they haven't been allowing new members for ages, so the bit about "where everyone is invited to post" is not really applicable there.

Here's what you get when you go to New User:

"Membership is again closed
While MetaFilter goes through another bout of growing pains, it's time to regroup and reprogram to better handle the crowds. During that time all new user signups are closed."

It's been that way for well over a year. Growing pains, indeed.

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