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September 24 2011

Dollhouse: a retrospective. MTV Geek looks back at the show.

I was distressed to see that Enver wasn't mentioned at the end, when Dichen, Harry and Fran got shout-outs. It's not the author's fault, though - she was mentioning upcoming roles for the actors, and Enver doesn't really have any. Rather, I blame the casting directors who stubbornly refuse to hire him to play every part on television, as he clearly merits.
Isn't Enver in The Avengers? Maybe not a huge part but certainly a huge film.

And on the subject of Dollhouse, Steven Moffat Tweeted his Dollhouse love on the 20th. "Hugely enjoying Firefly, but can I just ask - did everybody love Dollhouse or was it just me and @PureHokum ?"
Jonathan Ross tweeted his love for Dollhouse also. Him and his wife (who wrote KICK ASS) loved it hardcore.
I'm currently doing a rewatch of Dollhouse. Although I'm sad it got canceled, I agree with the article that it wraps up its loose ends nicely.
Eliza wearing a red dress and packing a 9mm. Folks, don't think the ole' ticker can stand this duress!

Well, maybe a bit more:)

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