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September 26 2011

SFX's picks for Best Sci-Fi TV Mockumentaries. Guess the Whedonverse episode. The others on the list are interesting too.

And the general commentary on storytelling is awesome too.

Excellent write-up of one of my favorite episodes from S7. In fact, while "Get it Done" has some nice moments, I'd say "Storyteller" is the ep where the season starts to get back on track, since Faith comes back right after and really kicks things into gear.
I assumed the episode would be "Man on the Street," although I don't really know if that qualifies as a mockumetary. Storyteller is a great episode, it adds some much-needed levity to S7.
The Ghostfacers bring me joy.
I really should get hold of a copy of Ghostwatch, having never seen it. Can't help but thinking the impact of it will be somewhat lost though.

Also, I think I might be the only person that really enjoyed Love & Monsters.

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