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January 19 2004

Revenge of the TV Nerds. Geeks like Fred Burkle make it hip to be square according to this TV Guide article.

I haven't a clue who the other lot are cause half those shows don't air in the UK. But Fred is a sexier version of Egon Spengler.

"Bewitched Willow?" When? I seem to remember Willow reading Fred's enthusiasm as a come-on, with Willow very quickly fending off what she took to be an advance.

And: no mention of Knoxy?
To me it seems like Willow was distinctly attracted to Fred and she blurted out that she was already involved with someone to stop the flirting before it got dangerous (to Willow, anyway). I do think that Fred was flirting. Not because she's gay, though. I think Fred was just a little dazzled by Willow -- who wouldn't be?
Okay, serisouly, how nerdy are these people? If Fred was written to give lines like early Cordelia dialogue, it would be just as believable, because, let's face it, Fred is not some ugly nerd or anything. When I was in school, nerds were a heck of a lot more... obvious. They weren't prancing around in little dresses and getting hit on by a slew of good looking men. Let's start seeing a little bit of reality creep into TV and have some REAL nerds on the airwaves.

End of rant from the nerd in the corner.
Genia, I agree with your rant. But maybe the one good thing side to this is that smart, brainy types are being portrayed as great-looking and hit-on-able, not just "nerds in the corner." That's one of the things I love about the Whedonverse -- smartness and cleverness is sexy and admired, and, on occasion, saves the world. I mean, it's the people in the library looking stuff up who give Buffy her battlefield orders. And on Angel, Fred and Wesley and their (sexy) braininess are key to Angel's success.
Xander: "Smart chicks are soooo hot."

Willow: "You couldn't have figured that out in tenth grade?"

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