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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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September 26 2011

Doug Jones is in John Dies at the End! If you've read the book, you're excited (and baffled) that it's actually been filmed, you did a triple-take when you saw that it stars real actors like Paul Giamatti, and, after that, you may have noticed that one of the actors is a real Gentleman.

True story: I'd never seen Doug Jones out of monster makeup when I saw this trailer and recognized him solely from that trademark hand gesture he also made as a Gentleman.

John Dies at the End is a horror/comedy that was originally posted online a chapter at a time, then was sold as a book when its popularity took off, then was picked up as a movie. Reading it before the movie is not recommended as it may spoil the ending.

You'll find Doug Jones out of makeup in the recent few Guild episodes standing next to our beloved Mo Tancharoen. He's pretty hilarious, so you should go watch it!

I've never heard of John Dies at the End.
Awesome! I read JDatE a while back, don't remember a whole lotta specifics, but man, I remember it being a fun read. Can't wait for the movie... despite the fact that I can't figure out how the heck they could possibly make a satisfying movie out of the book.

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