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September 27 2011

Joss, briefly, in trailer for Warren Ellis film. NSFW if your work doesn't like cursing. Trailer for the forthcoming Captured Ghosts, about Warren Ellis, who at some point will be collaborating with Joss on the web series Wastelanders. Btw if you're interested in trying to set up screenings for Captured Ghosts, head over to this Facebook page.

FWIW, I think Ellis is a cynic, but that's because I actually define the word as his "disappointed optimist".
Looking forward to seeing this. His comics changed the way I look at the entire medium. Made me take it seriously.
"Warren Ellis will fuck you with the future and make you say thank you."

Is Joss likely to be returning to the Wastelanders series then? That would be awesome!
When news of The Avengers broke, it sounded like the plan was to come back to it after that.
The director sent us an email a couple of days ago about fans wanting to arrange screenings so I added a link to the entry.
I still hope for more Nextwave, Nextwave, Nextwave.
In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, Joss states that he wants to do Wastelanders after The Avengers. And he says it will be dark.

I wanted to post that story on here, but I couldn't find it online.
You could type up the relevant bit and post it verbatim to this thread. ;)

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Thank you, b!X, for alerting me to this, thus affording me the opportunity to secure tickets to the New York sneak preview next month.
I must admit I've never found anything by Ellis that I really loved all that much. My favorite comic writers that are currently working include Millar, Bendis, BKV, Willingham, Kirkman, and of course, Joss. Can anyone recommend an Ellis graphic novel that might get me hooked?
If I had to pick one I'd go for Orbiter.
The Freak Angels books are good.
It's obvious but TRANSMETROPOLITAN changed the game for me. Ellis is up there with Alan Moore for me.

I like how Joss is talking about Wastelanders. Like it a lot.

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Warren Ellis may be my most favorite writer. Squishy, Transmetropolitan is probably the best place to start. Orbiter and Ocean were very good shorter stories. His runs on Stormwatch and The Authority were superb. He's also done a lot of great work for Avatar Press.
Transmetropolitan is one of the greatest things in the ever of ever.
Thanks for the recommendations y'all. I'll try Transmetropolitan. (I tried the Authority but didn't make it very far.)
Perhaps The Authority isn't the most new reader-friendly. I think you really need to read Stormwatch before you read The Authority.
I never read a single Stormwatch before I read The Authority.
Since the Wastelanders thing has been wiped, would someone please email it to me?

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