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September 28 2011

(SPOILER) Alan Tudyk interview discusses 'Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil' and Joss. Alan promotes his movie and has a brief comment on Mr. Whedon.

Shame that Joss is pairing up with Evil. I expected better of him.
Once he sold out to The Man, it was inevitable SpendTheNightAlone. Also thank you for editing the link, mods.
This really needs a spoiler tag; Tudyk describes some scenes in detail.
Thanks for the heads up, phearlez, came to the comments to ask just that. I'm going to see the movie this weekend and don't want to be spoiled! Very excited to finally see it.
Anyone looking for more Alan should check out Suburgatory on ABC. Thought the pilot was great, and Alan was just fantastic, as usual. I don't understand why he's not just a great big star. What a supremely talented man.
I wanted to see this for Alan because he's always awesome but I don't like gory movies, so I was thinking... no. But the last photo in the article shows what looks to be an American Bulldog and I have one of them, so now i HAVE to go! Damn dog...
I saw this movie OnDemand a few weeks ago, and it was okay - Alan Tudyk and his co-star, that guy from Reaper, were definitely the best thing in the movie and they were funny. The rest of the cast wasn't as talented and it showed. I watch a lot of horror films so I did get a kick out of how the film toyed with cliches but overall I wish it had been executed better. It's worth a rental.
Last few interviews with Alan that have appeared on here have really made me fall in love with him. I've always liked him a lot, but some of the stuff about what he likes from a role, and how it affects him is great. I also adore how he appreciates a comedic role so much and am certainly looking forward to seeing how his (fabulous) role on Suburgatory continues. Awesome stuff.

And considering how much I've read in-depth about Tucker & Dale from him in the past year or whatever, I really should get around to watching that film.

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