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September 29 2011

The Avengers are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. This issue, which features an extensive look at the movie, will be out tomorrow. ETA: There's also some fab new set photos and character portraits to look at.

Excuse my ignorance but I don't really know the Avengers that well, so I have to ask, is Samuel L. Jackson's character not an Avenger? I ask because he is not on the cover and I wondered why.
Weird cover. But love that it's another feature cover story with Joss.
Excuse my ignorance but I don't really know the Avengers that well, so I have to ask, is Samuel L. Jackson's character not an Avenger?

His character is not part of the superhero team. He runs the team instead.

Weird cover. But love that it's another feature cover story with Joss.

Numfar PTB, here's a better version of the cover.

Not being on the cover only means he's not on the cover. Classically he has not been a member of the Avengers. He is the head of SHIELD, and in the movies he is responsible for forming the Avengers, something also not classically true. He's not a superhero, and I've seen no evidence to suggest that he is technically a part of the Avengers team itself in this incarnation, though he is obviously still an integral character to the story.
Trivia - four out of the last five EW covers feature actors who have worked with Joss.
Cool to see the something that Joss is involved with on the cover of EW, but too bad they couldn't have gotten a better cover with an actual group shot, rather than photoshopping several separate photos of Avengers characters together together.
Tony Stark can kill you with his brain!
Well for the first time in, um, ever, I will be purchasing an Entertainment Weekly.
tjbw: The Wikipedia article is accurate enough.

bobw1o: The "Ultimate" version of the Avengers has them organized by SHIELD. The original version has them self-formed. (The classic Nick Fury was white and fought with Cap back in WW2, as opposed to the "Ultimate" Nick Fury who was actively modeled on Sam Jackson.)

Just read the blurb that went with the picture. I think I have to buy this issue of EW, if for no other reason to read about the cast clubbing/dancing with Joss.

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I was reminded on another forum that tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of Serenity.

Hey, look who's chilling on set.

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Ooooh! Love that picture eddy! Thanks. :)
I've update the entry to include a link to the three new set pics.
EW added character portraits too.You can see them collected here.

They're mixed in at the EW site as well.
I must have hit enter one too many times - unless Katniss Everdeen is now an Avenger. :)
Awful publicity material. Terrible cover.
Captain America's suit (uniform?) in the first set picture looks like it's made out of fondant.
Ahh, don't say that! Could be a certain large, green skinned giant looking to raise some mayhem.

I'm all for the misunderstood giant!
Fondant can be quite tasty. Lickable even.
Mark Ruffalo appears to be attempting the Zoolander look in that photo.

I like the on-set images a lot, and the actual issue has some really cool info in it. I love how Whedon would take the actors out dancing.

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And I dont know if they've changed the acronym but (from memory!) I believe SHIELD stands for, Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division.

(yes, like so many in here, I was a geek before geek was chic.)

And btw, I'm glad someone taught Jeremy Renner how to aim a bow and arrow like he's done it before. Just finished watching Thor and the way he was aiming, he couldn't possibly be an archer, let alone someone like Hawkeye who could hit a "robin hood" on demand. (A robin hood is when you shoot an arrow in the bull and then your second arrow impales itself into the first arrow)

ETA: grammar correction

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In the movies, the SHIELD acronymn was changed to Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. Major geek points and kudos to Alex for remember the original version. I think they actually changed the SHIELD acronym in the comics at one point as well.

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