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September 29 2011

"Shiv, the antique is leaking" - Guy and Dolls Recaps. It's Ringer, played by the Buffy cast.

Darn, you beat me by a hair.

Also, very funny.
these are so funny!
Beauty and the Beast lyrics over the puking stepdaughter scene! This is so beautiful.
These are really good. (And so is the show, IMO.)
Those are awesome! Props for the re-imagining of the step-daughter over-the-toilet scene.

*Long Rant Warning*

Unrelated to that blog, but related to Ringer, I need to get this vent out. It irritates me to no end when review sites and blogs scrutinize the hell out of new TV shows. Ringer got some pretty bad press for the pilot, somewhat deservedly so IMO. That's fine. Don't watch it anymore. But then these sites and blogs keep following up every week watching the show, and nit-picking the hell out of everything after they've already made up their mind from the start. This sucks because show is fun, and has been markedly better with each episode concerning the overall plot and production values. And I won't even get start on the comment sections of these sites, where negativity is so pervasive. That's worthy of its own rant. I guess all I'm saying is that these are television shows, let things unfold organically for a while before you rip each scene to bits like a doberman devouring a fresh slab of meat.

Sometimes I wonder how classic TV shows would hold up if they were actually premiering in this landscape (special effects aside). BtVS comes mind.. surprise surprise. Many people agree that the first season of Buffy was weak, or that it at least paled in comparison to what the show would become. Would Buffy make it now, where we want all the answers at our fingertips? I guess I should probably stay off the internet :P. /Rant
This is so frakkin' brill - this is not only creatively-imagined and funny as hell, it's *beautifully* shot.

I've watched "Ringer" and I'm sticking for now - but I must go tumble this immediately without fail. They are my New Idols.
This is brilliant. Maybe the show would be too - if it were written for and acted by dolls. Where's Gerry Anderson when you need him?

RINGER is GO!!! (in Supermarionation)

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