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September 29 2011

(SPOILER) 'The Avengers' cast talk about their characters. Yes it's more Entertainment Weekly coverage.

Countdown to RDJ's quote being interpreted negatively in 3...2...
Can't criticize RDJ as I haven't a clue what he's talking about.
He probably doesn't either, gossi.
I didn't know Gene Simmons from 1976 was playing Bruce Banner.
IrrationaliTV, that's one of the many reasons why I like him.
Those were some very interesting insights into these characters, it really makes me wish it was almost May 2012 (besides my not minding skipping the winter months that lie ahead of me...).
I'm in total agreement, gossi. RDJ is always a delight and his answers to interviewers questions seem to be purposefully and playfully confusing and odd. I love it a lot.
aw, I always assume RDJ is always talking shit, bc I've never heard the breath of a rumor that he's anything but a joy on set... well, after he got over his addiction issues.

RDJ is a delight bc I figure nothing that comes out of his mouth is serious. Plus, completely dreamy.

... and I'm getting excited over this issue of EW coming out... I will probably be a complete, wide-eyed wreck come May 4, 2012!
He raises self-deprecation to a fine art, that's for sure. And he's one of those actors who legitimately earns the title "artist." Can't wait to see what his collaboration with Joss has in store for us, I'm thinking it will be quite special.
This is online bit is actually just the sidebar to a much longer cover story feature lots of commentary from Joss. Got it in the mail today, and hopefully the full article will be online soon for the benefit of our friends who can't get the hardcopy overseas.
Actually, if you read between the lines, the question is how this group could possibly be together, much less, work as a team. Reading much internal tension and positioning within.

Yep, that's the typical grey Joss loves to play upon.

As for myself, keeping a close eye when Thor first meets the Hulk. We'll see then.
Just reading the article now, this is quite fantastic non-spoilery stuff.
Anyone else amused by the contradictory phrasing of, "Like Black Widow, hes the only regular human..." I chuckled. But then I thought, "Er, isn't Tony Stark also a regular human? Oh, well."

I can't wait. I'm so glad there's a featurette that actually focuses on the relationships between these folks, and not just the plot or the action.

Have I mentioned I can't wait?!

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