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September 30 2011

Five Favorite Films with Alan Tudyk. To promote his horror-comedy "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil," Alan talks with Rotten Tomatoes about five of his favorite movies as well as touching upon other areas.

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Cool. I noticed that Tucker & Dale is 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is promising! Very interesting in seeing it.
Huh. Alan and I share a Top Five Favorite Movie: "What's Up, Doc?". Cool.

My current Top Five (in no particular order):

What's Up, Doc?
The Matrix
Drive Me Crazy
A Midsummer's Night Sex Comedy

Oooh, that was frustrating...I want ten!
Tucker and Dale is great, but please don't watch the red band trailer. It spoils a large portion of the best jokes. I understand their desire to lay things out for people to explain the concept and style of humor, but really it gives away too much.

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