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September 30 2011

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Slayalive Q/A for Angel & Faith #2. If you go to the second page and in the first post by Wenxina,you can see some answers Christos Gage gave on twitter as well.

Thanks for posting this. I've updated the Q&A to include Christos' answers too. So no need to go flipping through. :)
As much I am enjoying Isaacs's artwork, I'm looking forward to seeing what Noto will come up with.
@Simon: I really like some of the stuff that Noto's posted on his website, so I'm with you on that. Wondering who the guest artist for Buffy #5 will be too. Hoping for some fresh talent there... IMO, the one-shots are a pretty good place to stick artists that they're interested in working with.
@wenxina You mean cover artist for Buffy #5? I vaguely remember Georges saying that he did #5 out of order but I may be wrong.

And they're looking for a new cover artist. Well, they're already working with Jenny Frison.
As much I am enjoying Isaacs's artwork, I'm looking forward to seeing what Noto will come up with.

Hopefully it's better than his current work in X-23. :/
Wenxina- you asked the question I would have asked. Thanks!
@anca: No, Andrew Chambliss and Christos Gage wrote #5 out of order so that they could get that out the guest artists ahead of time. But Scott Allie confirms that Buffy #5 will feature a guest artist, just as Phil Noto will be doing A&F #5.

@Dana5140: Which question would that be? The Tara-related one? And btw, note to all, I do accept questions from non-SlayAlive members via e-mail, so I'd encourage everyone to seize the opportunity to participate. FYI, we will be doing another one in a couple of weeks for the release of Buffy #2. Depending on the outcome of a talk I'll be having with my PhD. advisor in a bit, I may have to defer Q&A management for that session to another Mod, but I'm sure they'll be happy to take questions too.

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Wenxina,is there going to be a Q/A for every issue of Buffy and Angel & Faith?I got the impression that Scott Allie was backing away from doing them every issue towards the end of season 8(the last one he did was for Buffy #33 and the next one wasn't until Buffy #40 since it was the last issue of season 8.)and would only do them now once in a while like he did around Wonder Con.And now that there are two monthly books,I would think it would be even more difficult to try for a Q/A for every issue of both series.

I was actually surprised he did a Q/A for Angel & Faith #2 since he did the one for Buffy #1 just two weeks ago.And if he's doing one for Buffy #2 than that is just two weeks from now.Although he didn't do one for Angel & Faith #1 so the one he just did could count for that.

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For now, we'll be doing one for every release.
I'm game whenever, so for as long as he wants to keep it up, we'll keep doing them.
@wenxina -- any word on when we'll get the preview pages for Buffy #2?
Wenxina- yes, indeedy. :-)
@Maggie: The preview is up on the Dark Horse website, but currently, the images aren't showing up. I've contacted the Dark Horse peeps, and they're fixing it soon.
There is only one question. Digital, when? Sigh.

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