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September 30 2011

The AV Club interviews Alan Tudyk. There's some really great Joss/Firefly/Dollhouse stuff later in the interview about improvisation and working methods. There's also another interview with him at Empire Online.

Also, what a great picture of Alan, am I right?

I've added Rusty626's link to this entry. As a rule of thumb we usually go for a maximum of two interviews per cast member on the front page.
"Itís like the color of an old moccasin or a fried wonton if you fried it in chorizo grease."

I <3 Alan.
I love that he wants to be on Castle. That is a thing that absolutely needs to happen.

Great interview!
I would really love to see Morena Baccarin as Cleopatra... I wonder who played Antony, if Alan was Ceasar. AHHHH--the pain of knowing that Joss's Shakespeare evenings happen with all these awesome actors and not ever being able to see them.

RDJ would be amazing as Falstaff, *hint hint* Joss.
That was an interesting bit about how he played Alpha and how much fun it was to play the first character and then harder to be Alpha. Burt of course Joss has said that he likes to cast comedic actors in serious roles and Alan certainly did justice to that.
Oh, to be a fly on the wall at one of Joss's Shakespeare readings!

Absolutely loved this interview.

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