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September 30 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover of October's Health Magazine. She talks about her secrets to a healthy life.

As sung by the Tubes, "She's a beauty." One in a million girl.
Did anyone who is watching Ringer notice how much her voice has changed? Did she have some throat problems or is she a smoker? I was really suprised at the changes.
I noticed soem changes but I put it down partly to playing different characters and aprtly to simply ten added years can make changes. I'm pretty sure she hasn't smoked since her early 20s.
She isn't a smoker, that's just the parent voice you gain after chasing your little one.
LOL, Madhatter.

SMG is trying to modulate her voice somewhat to differentiate the sisters on Ringer. She does it for a lot of her roles. She sounded different as Daphne compared to Buffy. Her actual speaking voice is higher in pitch than Buffy.

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