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September 30 2011

Steven S. DeKnight Signs Two Year Deal with Starz. This is the network's first time signing any talent to an overall deal. Mr. DeKnight's work has been an important part of the network's new focus on original programming.

I'm very happy with this. He has been doing outstanding work at Starz! Can't wait for more Spartacus and whatever else he develops. I really enjoy the balance (celebration) of sex and violence he brings to the table. :)
Good move, Starz!
Outstanding! Steven has been hitting them out of the ballpark on Starz.
I wonder what the follow up to blood and boobs will be?
Well, there's a presequel to this called,"Gods of the Arena" you may want to give a spin. Give it to Steven when he's on a roll. It's very good!

With that said, there's no replacing Andy Whitfield. His sudden death still has us in shock. Bless his family.
Nice work, Steven! Glad Starz recognizes talent like this.
Very good news. DeKnight also hinted that there's a "big new thing" that he's working on but can't discuss yet, so that's pretty intriguing. He's definitely earned a place in my list of top favorite show runners, joining Joss Whedon, Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan.

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