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"But you, REALLY got under my skin."
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October 01 2011

A thank you video from Club Mo. Felicia Day posted this video to YouTube with the message, "Thanks to everyone who donated to the #ClubMo team in support of the lovely Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon at the Annual Walk for Lupus event!"

I second that e-Mo-tion. Sorry. Puns are contagious. One might say puntagious.
I knew there was a reason why I like these people so much. Their friendship and love for each other is so amazing.

I only wish I could have gone. Sometimes it's hard participating in this fandom so far away from where everything physically happens. One day I'll be there.
Two thumbs up!
VeryVeryCrowded- that is why I enjoyed this video- it was very nice of Felicia to include us this way.
Can anyone make out what Joss and Felicia are saying to each other near the end?

No, I don't slavishly hang on their every words; what makes you say that?
Roughly, it went like this:

Felicia: Thank you so much for supporting Maurissa, who we both love. [Looks at Joss.] I assume that.
Joss: Whom we both love. [Pause.] Uh, I ruined it, didnít I? [Laughter.]

Then he said something I couldn't make out.
Yay! This just makes me happy. :)

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