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October 01 2011

Smoking, Shoes, Secret Talent, and Super Powers. Fun, short video with Alyson Hannigan discussing 10 things you didn't know about her. Interview starts after a short commercial.

Don't have headphones so cna't listne to this but if she says she used to smoke when she was much younger and that she's a member of Barefoot-Girl-Around-the-House-type Women United*, yeah, I'd already picked up thsoe ideas.

*as opposed to the Slippers Sorority (like her character on BtVS) or the Gym Socks Gynarchy (like Amber and Mercedes seem to be from their interviews.) :-) Yes, I know I think too much about this stuff.
She is sooo cute. And I love her superpower answer--I can totally see Willow saying that. :-)
She does one of my pet peeves: not answering email. I hate that. I feel so ignored when people don't respond. Especially when you ask them specific questions you need the answers to.

@DaddyCatALSO: No, Alyson says she can't stand cigarette smoke. I'd recommend smokers who want to make Alyson happy, start switching to E-Cigarettes (yes it's a real thing, look it up). They don't smell at all and leave no litter. ;)

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I can sympathize with people who don't respond to email (although I do do that) because I hate to return phone calls (and I usually don't return them). Alyson is wonderful.
More like No smoking, No shoes, Secret Talent and Super Powers. ;)

I liked how she said "Baby Baby Baby" was 'so darn catchy', since her sarcasm was so obvious she must hate it like the rest of us Bieber-hating folk. Big thumbs up for that :D

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