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October 02 2011

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #2 preview. Three-page preview on the Dark Horse website.

I suspected "roomies aren't in the know" wasn't going to be very long lived.
Just about to post this.
I like the roomies, I hope they don't come to a sticky end.
The roomies were one of the things I really liked in issue 1 so I hope they stick around.

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I"m guessing the roomies are going to survive... but yeah, Buffy probably should have told them more about who she is and what that might mean.
Not so sure that the roomies are gonna find out though, could be that she explains it away, like Snyder in School Hard; DRUGS!
The demon has some glowing weapon (magical?) Did he came to thank Buffy for freeing him?

And the guy in the suit -> lots of jewelry

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Yea, that glow caught my eye as well.
And the guy in the suit -> lots of jewelry

Roden wore a necklace too. I wonder if there's a theme going on.
I think Jeanty just likes his accessories. :)
Haven't the roomies known since the party? Spike and Willow told the neutered vamp tale. It's not really funny without the grr and such, so I doubt they turned it into a literal "I couldn't get it up" bit.
Well vampires are out now, so they could have told the story the way it happened without bringing Slayers into it. Buffy just happens to know this one vampire guy who once tried to bite Willow. In the brave new world of Harmony's reality show, that's probably not too shocking.
Looks great. The art here is a lot better than in issue one, which is good.
It seems like Dark Horse has a new PR policy, to send advanced copies to varies sites for reviews.

Such as this one - contains spoilers:
Oh I hope Tumble don't get dead. Also the guy that's being chased by the vamp, is that Dowling the police officer?
Yes,I don't remember these advanced reviews being done for season 8.Interesting that Dark Horse is allowing it for season 9.
My guess about the advanced reviews is that they know a lot of people soured on season 8 and they want to get the word out that season 9 is a whole different thing. Almost every review so far has explicitly said that season 9 is winning them back. So if that's the strategy on DH's part, I think it's a good one.
Another review
Dark Horse Advance Reviews: Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #2

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