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October 03 2011

Out in every way, Sean Maher is happier than ever. A more revealing look at Sean's experience of spending 14 years in the closet. Also, in an interview with, Jewel Staite comes out as a huge supporter of Sean's.

In the Maher interview, he talks about coming out to his co-stars during the filming of Serenity, and why the reaction he received from going public in the last week has surprised him.

I don't think I knew enough about the interactions between cast of Firefly to realize he was 'aloof' during the shooting of the show. I honestly believed that the cast all got along incredibly well, but I guess I never really heard much about Sean. Usually it was Jewel and Morena, Nathan and Alan and Adam and Summer. It's really unsettling that Sean avoided contact with such brilliant people and missed amazing opportunities of friendship in order to hide who he was AND he thought that even those people, including Joss, would judge him based on his sexuality.
brought tears to my eyes-
I just wanted to be a good role model for my daughter.

Awww :*)

I think those who are tweeting that he is more attractive now that he's out have a point. Look at the smuldery picture at the top left of the story. Feeling, um, empowered, Mr. Maher?
I agree, Pointy. Sean being gay and out and proud definitely makes him hotter. :)
Good for him, no, great for him. As scary as it probably was for to make the decision to go public, I have to believe a heavy load has been lifted from his shoulders and that's got to feel fantastic.
That last quote made me tear up.
I am so happy for him. Hiding who you are is soul-destroying no matter what element of you is being hidden.

Funny thing though. I had not heard about this but as I was watching the later episodes of Firefly the other night for the first time in a really long time and I found myself thinking, "Oh Kaylee, it sure seems like Simon might not be into you because he's gay." Because Joss was really good at planting subtle seeds, it made me wonder at the time if the character might have been headed in that direction if the show had lasted. Now I add to that wondering whether subliminally or consciously the writers were getting that message from the actor and incorporating it.

People who come out are often met with less surprise from the people around them than they expected. Many people have said that as the writers on BtVS got to know the actors they incorporated things from them into the characters. Obviously a stand-offishness was already written into Simon's character from the beginning, though it is hard to know if it would have been that pronounced if a different actor had been cast, and Joss is perfectly capable of having long term plans to incorporate gay male characters into his show. That said, men who feel they need to stay out of relationships because of other responsibilities, like Simon might, have often been mistaken for gay, (I know a couple) so maybe I am off track.
That said, men who feel they need to stay out of relationships because of other responsibilities, like Simon might, have often been mistaken for gay, (I know a couple) so maybe I am off track.

I think a degree of what we consider male "chasing" behavior can be attributed to this. When a guy stops chasing and he isn't married, questions like this tend to come up. Therefore, cue men "acting" in a stereotypical fashion.

That said, there is a part of me (for that very reason) might have been annoyed if Simon the charecter had been gay. It would have actually been the second bookish, comparatively withdrawn (at the beginning) charecter to take that path. And my question would be, so when is "shy" just "shy?" Not that Simon Tam can't be gay, rather I'd like to see other directions you can go from those traits rather than smart plus shy immediately equalling gay.

I'm happy that Sean was able to make this transition as it really is such a heartbreaking way to have to live.

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I was so glad to read that he felt able to come out to the cast when he was re-united with Firefly folks for Serenity - at least he was able to have some of the closer connections/relationships with them he'd missed while working on the show.

I don't think until Sean came out that I'd really thought hard enough about the difficulties in being truthful in your acting - reaching the honest places inside that you need to access to be any good - while having to maintain such tight protections against revealing your true self. Quite a difficult tightrope to walk.

I hope Sean's coming out helps him - and other folks as well, for whom seeing someone in the public eye take this tough step heartens them on their own journey.
A lot of casting directors and studio executives, a lot of people behind the scenes in our industry have reached out to me or my manager to say congratulations and that they will only fight harder for me now.

This is so great!

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