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October 04 2011

'The Buffyverse Catalog: A complete Guide' - out now in print. Both new and used ones over at Amazon. Can't wait until I get my hands on one.

The collector in me needs this badly. Both because it's a collectible in itself and it lists stuff I collect, lol.

EDIT- My review

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Awreet! Don's book is out, finally.
Looks like a must have. I guess I'll see if Amazon UK have it.
I should be getting a copy soon and will post details as soon as I get it. Should have been here already, but maybe today.
Although this is an informative guide in of itself of which I'll find useful, I have to admit I'm mostly picking it up because my work is listed in it. /shameless (lol)

Congrats, Don, for getting this thing out!
Received my copy last week. Must say Don did his research here, this book has pretty much of everything about the Buffyverse. Every fact, every detail, very impressive work!

Dang good job!
My review

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