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October 06 2011

Science Fiction and Fantasy Characters Who Lost Their Mystery (but Stayed Cool.) An interesting list complete with more than one whedonverse appearance (spoilery if you've been living under a rock for the past 15 years.)

Great list, I loved that they included Al Calavicci. I always forget about Quantam Leap and its awesomeness.
For the Whedoneverse, I'd add Spike, Dru, Anya, Principal Wood, Lorne, Illyria and nearly all of the characters on "Dollhouse."
I do like the nod to the Twilight arc at the end.
I love Garak! Rewatching DS9 right now (it's instant on Netflix).

I had to avoid the Fringe and Torchwood bits cause I'm afraid of spoilers. Haven't seen the latest episodes of Fringe yet or the new Torchwood season.

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