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October 06 2011

10 TV universes you would and wouldn't want to live in. Dollhouse and Firefly make it onto one of these lists. Maybe not the one you'd hope though...

I think these are legitimate concerns in both cases.

I wouldn't really want to live in the Buffyverse either - we'd all be wittier but the increased risk of being eaten by monsters more than balances that out.
I wouldn't want to live in the universe without shrimp. Or the universe that's only shrimp.
@tehipite_tom: It's not all that bad, actually.
I wouldn't want to live in a universe where those shows get cancelled. But I do *sighs*.
I would totally like to spend my life aboard Serenity (there aren't THAT many Reavers, and I'd be safe so long as Wash was the pilot), but pretty much I agree with this article (I would hate to live in BSG's world!).
Well, Wash ain't coming...

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The Whedonverse doesn't do utopias.
realistically, living in most of our favourite fictional universes, Whedon-related or otherwise, probably wouldn't be the safest things.
The body count on Doctor Who is kinda high, even for adventures in all of space and time. I would put that show on the "wouldn't" list, TARDIS and all. I wouldn't want to live in most of my favorite fictional worlds. Maybe Cicely, Alaska. I could hang out in the woods and wax philosophical.
The body count on Doctor Who is kinda high

You want to live in the Spooks universe :p.
Is there an Evil Headmaster Giles who eats students there, too?
No but there is an Evil Spy Giles who tries to kill the President.
Hmm that does sound fun.
In terms of Whedonverse univereses, I would probably pick doctor horrible (provided that he doesn't actually manage to take over the world...)

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Yeah, but Simon, Evil Spy Giles hung himself with his belt in the men's stall.

(I've missed that episode in full both times it's been rerun on PBS; that's the part I always catch. Sigh.)
I wouldn't want to live in the Midsomer Murders universe where everyone is either a murder victim, a murderer, or a detective. (Or all three.)
I don't know wasabi, it could be pretty disturbing to live in a reality where there is a superhero, but he's a giant tool...

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