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October 06 2011

Anthony Head's "Free Agents" cancelled. After another low rated episode, NBC has pulled the plug on Tony's comedy, making it the second cancellation this fall.

Let's just all hope Ringer gets a full season order.

I tried, I really did, but despite Azaria and Head doing nice work, the rest was pretty meh.
yeah, it was only ok.
For a comedy, I have to admit I only laughed once an episode or so. The cancellation isn't really a surprise. Not to fret. Now we can focus on other, better shows that air on Wednesdag night.
Oh, this sucks. I have a friend who, this whole week, has been filming what I now know will be the last filmed episode. I don't even know if they finished filming it, but it doesn't seem likely that it will air. What a shame.

I liked the show. It hadn't quite found itself yet, I think, but each episode had been getting progressively better. I haven't seen last night's yet (my wife and I watch on Hulu), but I'll be a bit sad that it's gone.
I thought that the pilot was pretty bad, but that it had really come around after that and, in the light of the magnificence that was Party Down, I would have trusted John Enbom to continue the improvement. So I second that 'It's a shame'.
It was expected because it was a bad and unfunny show, so nobody watched it.

But, I absolutely loved that a lot of the Buffy cast wrote tweets promoting Free Agents yesterday. (Nic Brandon, Emma Caulfield, Nathan Fillion etc.)
A shame for Tony yes, but...

Joss's to-do-list can now be:

Finish Avengers

Amirite? Huh? No one? Damn.
Too bad for Tony, but the British version was better anyway. This show probably shouldn't have been watered down for mainstream TV in the first place.
I watched every episode ever since Alyson tweeted: "Tonight is Tony Heads new show. I can't wait! I love having him in LA so please watch Free Agents." The thought of Tony not hanging out with Aly and Alexis all the time makes me very sad. : (
I hope he still gets to go on Craig Ferguson. I was really looking forward to that a while back but then he got bumped because the first guest ran over and now he's scheduled for next Thursday.
Of course they cancelled it. I knew they would when they barely advertised it all summer, and yet shoved "Whitney," "Up All Night" and whatever that Maria Bello show is down our throats. Same crap they pulled with "Merlin" when they had the rights to the first season.

Hey, NBC, here's a thought - promote a series and let the audience decide if they like it or not. Don't under-promote it and then cancel it because it's not getting the viewers and call it self-fulfilling.

I thought it was hilarious and Tony was perfection in the role. Last night's episode was very good.

KernelM Maybe he still will, since they're very good friends. There should still be a couple episodes left that they can air, so maybe he'll talk about them and the differences between the UK & US versions. (Well, aside from the obvious.)

I was wondering how he was going to manage "Free Agents" and Season Four of "Merlin." Now I'll never know. Sigh.
Damn, I liked it.
I was enjoying the show too :(
One of the few new comedies that I actually laughed at. Yes, the pilot wasn't my favorite, but I have loved the past few episodes! But what can you expect when a network won't promote a show? I saw a few terrible promos for the pilot on Hulu, and then, nothing.
It hasn't been a good fall for Whedonverse actors and new shows. Both PLAYBOY and FREE AGENTS were just terrible shows.

And I hate to say it, but RINGER is just intensely boring, with the most irritating soundtrack on TV. I just read that its share has fallen to 0.6. The CW doesn't pull the trigger on a show easily, but I'm doubting right now that the show makes it to a second season. I'm still forcing myself to watch, but only because of SMG. But the show needs to make a pay off of some kind or I may drop it from my schedule.

And the first episode of AMERICAN HORROR STORY was just horrible. So Tim Minear may see another show he is connected to die a quick death, though in this case it is not his fault. I'll be ticked if this show stays on the schedule after TERRIERS and THE CHICAGO CODE were cancelled. TERRIERS especially was just so damned good.

The only new show with a Whedon veteran that is really good is HOMELAND with Morena Baccarin and headed up by Howard Gordon. I think it is the only great new show of the fall, though I still have strong hopes for ONCE UPON A TIME and HELL ON WHEELS. I've not heard good things about GRIMM, though I'll give it a try.

All in all, it has been a godawful group of new shows this fall. I'm hoping that January will salvage the season with new shows like AWAKE and LUCK.
AMERICAN HORROR STORY got a record breaking opening for the network, so I doubt it will get cancelled any time soon. I loved it. RINGER looks on very dodgy ground, though.
Sad to hear the show is cancelled like others loved the fact that the Buffy guys were all hanging out.

Did Ringer get any better? I saw the first episode and thought it was awful. Really, really bad. I couldn't even keep watching for SMG sake.

On the plus side I thought Homeland was outstanding.
Have not yet seen the latest Ringer episode (as I'm watching on the CW's website) but the next two are definitely better than the first. How much better is debatable, but I'm finding it quite watchable and I expect I'll keep going till it's canceled.
NBC needs to learn its not 1980 anymore. Everyone who watches television now has some sort of cable/satellite subscription that gives them the option of watching 30 or more networks at any given time. NBC, CBS, and ABC are no longer the only options viewers have, yet they still measure their ratings as such.
I just started watching the UK version of 'Free Agents' (on BBC American) and it is so wonderful, Tony Head is given a lot more to do (all of it totally outrageous), which isn't surprising because he was just furniture in the USA version. I'm glad NBC cancelled their crap version and I hope the originators do more seasons of the UK version!
Rotted out part of my brain last night watching the first three (count 'em, three)eps.

ASH is wonderful - - you can guess how he'd be in a British production.

Portland is also wonderful - - delicious night shots and atmospherics.

But why are we expected to have any interest in the lead female, who just pushes her self-destruct button six ways from Sunday and shows no growth at all?

The relationship between leading female and leading male is about as plausible as the one written between Meryl Streep and Roy Scheider in the ancient "Still of the Night." You simply don't see it happening in any universe anywhere nearly parallel to ours. I got flashbacks.

The executive assistant? Aubrey Plaza does it ten times better, though I'll admit the girl in "Free Agents" is more liable to make you want to pitch her out a window.

To sum up, I'm sorry for anyone with a job on this show. Better luck (and script doctors) next time.
Bring us the Brits! Please!

EDIT 10.15 I've seen another episode and stand by everything I said already.

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