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October 06 2011

Joss Whedon's video for Equality Now. Shown at the CSTS events over the summer, it's now properly available to view on YouTube. Read a transcript of Joss' remarks from the video here. And you can watch the 2011 CSTS Global intro video (which features some very shiny people) in full at the Can't Stop The Serenity site.

Thanks to The One True b!X for the transcript.

I was going to write something elegant and beautiful, but then I realised I'm restricted by being me, so: I want that t-shirt.
The video it featured in, the CSTS 2011 Intro Video, is also online here. In addition to Joss, the video features Jason Palmer, Jane Espensen, Tahmoh Penikett, Claire Cramer, Eliza Dusku, Dichen Lachman, Summer Glau and a host of Browncoats.

And you can pick up the t-shirt from the Equality Now Online Store.
Thanks for the video link, I added it to the entry.
I love this man.
While we are constantly inundated with stories of excess and hedonism coming out of Hollywood, its always refreshing (and inspiring) to see Joss flex his charitable/activist muscles.

Kudos to Joss for setting the stage that allowed those incredible "little people" to do amazing things for so many-- it makes me proud to be a Browncoat. Keep up the good work event planners, attendees and everyone involved!!
Just as good on rewatch as it was this summer. Any indication yet of what the 2012 events might look like?
If there's any indication, it's not yet been shared. (I have no earthly idea.)
This is great, I'm waiting with baited breath for event updates ( and yeah, going to buy the te shirt:)
Great speech, great person.
Wait, this is old. I've seen this already...!??!
It got released months ago by mistake and then was subsequently made private.
Yikes. I thought EN was more professional than that. :/
But we tend to right them.

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