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October 06 2011

First theatrical trailer for The Avengers coming this Tuesday. The announcement was made on the movie's official Facebook page. And there's a countdown to The Avengers trailer on the iTunes Movies Trailers site.

Quoth The Bard, w00t!
I want to see, I want to see!

But I want to go in to the movie knowing as little as humanly possible. Oh the dilemma...

What the hell, I'm sure I'll see it anyway, whether I want to or not.
Avengers has an official facebook page? How I have not yet 'liked'?
Yeah I didn't know they had a facebook page either.
Fantabuliciousness (The Avengers deserves a big word). This should be a great deal of fun.
There's a countdown on the itunes site, so I added a link to it.
Yes! So looking forward to this movie. No doubt this trailer will have us dancing on pins until the release of the movie. Can't wait for the speculation to begin :)

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