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October 06 2011

Amber Benson to appear on Ringer. She will be in episode 10 playing a stripper who is a informant for Agent Machado .

Awesome! I love Amber Benson, and seeing her and SMG together again will be fun (if the share a scene, that is--which surely they will. Maybe a flashback to Bridget's stripper days?)

I actually kind of like Ringer ... it's definitely on the ridiculous side, and IMHO takes itself much too seriously. A liberal dash of dark humor would do worlds for it (Bridget trying to stuff that body into the chest could have been hilarious). But it still has very pretty men, fabulous outfits, and SMG (wearing most of the fabulous outfits) playing two characters. Which is enough for me to give it a few more chances.
Check your listings because reports are that H8r just got cancelled and Ringer will move to its Wednesday slot at 8 which is hugely beneficial to Ringer.
According to Deadline it'll be repeats of Ringer on Wednesday with the new episodes still airing on Tuesdays.
Yep, helcat, I may have jumped the gun. Seems to be some difference in reports. CW should weigh in with an official statement soon.
erindis, I think you nailed it. I was just chatting with a friend about Ringer and suffice to say something is missing. I'm underwhelmed by it, but love SMG too much to give it up just yet. And it does have pretty men and great clothes. It does take itself a little too seriously. Dark humor, if executed well, could have added a lot.

I'm in it til at least the AB episode!
One great idea from the discussion over at TV Guide:

Seems to me that since the show is set in NYC, it could turn out that Georgina Sparks is the person who got stepdaughter Juliet hooked on drugs. That would be awesome.

I would love to see Michelle in this - not just because of seeing Sarah with Michelle again, but also because the sister thing is the main aspect of the show and Michelle is the actress who can play SMG's sister even better than she herself. :-) And the idea above is the perfect way how to smoothly enable Michelle's (if even short) appearance on the show.

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I'm not a fan of Gossip Girl, but that idea sounds fun :)
I look forward to seeing Amber on Ringer.

LOL love the Georgina Sparks idea. Michelle Trachtenberg has been visiting the set.

The idea of injecting some dark humour would be a great idea. I got a Hitchcockian "The Trouble with Harry" vibe off of episode 2.

Ringer is getting better with each episode. Episode four ended with a game-changing cliffhanger. Sarah Michelle has been finding her footing in the last two episodes and has created two distinct portraits for Siobhan and Bridget. I am definitely hooked.
I have to agree with what most people here seem to be saying- I think Ringer is deeply ridiculous and over the top, and I'm pretty into it and hooked. First I was watching it just for SMG, then I got sucked into the pretty clothes (they should have a credit! They really give them serious screen space) and now I can't wait for next week. Will Gemma believe her? Did the agent hear? (My guess is yes to the first and no, actually, to the second). I just hope it doesn't get canceled before we get to see where it's going...which seems like a real danger. Hopefully the time slot change/addition will help...

I wouldn't get too hopeful about the crossovers since Juliet seems to have been written out of the show already, oddly. But we'll see I suppose.
Haha, more casting suggestions from TV Line's discussion board that show the creativity and huge imagination of the fans:

I would absolutely love it if Juliet’s – Siobahn’s stepdaughter’s – mother was played by Charisma Carpenter.

...and Anthony Stewart Head should play Andrew’s father…there’s a 19 year age difference between him and Ioan, so i think it could work.

Yay! As long as writers stop killing her characters!

I could throttle the supernatural writers - idiots :-(
Charisma Carpenter as Juliet's mom is awesome on so many levels. Especially if her character would be something akin to her role on Veronica Mars. Then, with Jason Dohring as a teacher of Juliet's, surely the two of them would have some interaction... Ah man I'm getting so giddy at this idea that I'm going to be so bummed if someone doesn't find a way to make it happen...
I really didn't like the pilot, but this show is getting so much fun. Evil twin/Good twin plots are so addictive and sort of never get old. It reminds me of Mexican soaps. I wonder why Siobhan went to so much trouble to run away. Can't wait for next week, I want Gemma and Bridget to become best buds. Yeah, Ringer is my new guilty pleasure. God bless Sarah.

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I'm still behind a couple of episodes but almost quit watching when dead assassin guy's phone rang. I mean really! Who doesn't turn their phone off when they are heading out to kill someone?
It's about standards!
Love the show, and look forward to seeing Amber. And Jason Dohring is also supposed to be turning up.
Ok, last night really stepped it up. Even before the super twisty ending, I was already saying that it was definitely the best episode yet and it really felt like it was starting to find itself. Still wish it had a better soundtrack to it, but I really think anyone who stopped watching should go back and give it a second shot, catch back up and give it another week or two to see if can grab them...

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