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October 06 2011

(SPOILER) Jewel Staite talks about guesting on Supernatural. Her episode airs tonight. Looks like she had a good time working on the show.

Looking forward to the ep, SPN has really started this season off with a bang. Looks like Sera has finally gotten into her grove, but damn, don't make Castiel be gone for good, I need more Misha.
I'll prolly skip this one. I love Jewel but demons that eat brains not so much.
I'm currently on a zombie kick so I'll have to catch this episode. Plus Jewel is just so cute!
Jewel was downright gorgeous in this episode. Episode as a whole, not so great. But Jewel was good.
I was okay with episode right up until the ending, which seemed horrifically out of character for Dean. That being said however, Jewel was great as always. I also am really growing to like Jensen Ackles' directing style; he uses vastly different pacing than typical SPN episodes, which is a nice change.
I have been known to scream at the TV when Damon on The Vampire Diaries does something that is going to come back and bite him. Well I was doing the screaming last night at Dean, I understand why he did it, but boy is this going to come back on him. Thought Jewel was very good in the ep and I also enjoy Jensen's directing style.
Loved the Doctor Who reference in her character's name.

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