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October 08 2011

(SPOILER) Chistos Gage Podcast Interview. The Angel & Faith talk starts at the 36 minute mark.

Gage talks...

•How he got the writing gig on Angel & Faith
•Watching Buffy/Angel for the first time
•Meeting Joss Whedon
•Discovery of Rebecca Issacs – artist on Angel & Faith
•What’s coming up in the book and how it coincides with Buffy: Season 9

There is some newish spoilerish stuff in this.

Glad to see that he reiterates that After the Fall is canon. I'd like to know more how it led to him becoming Twilight- I can't help feel that Joss missed an opportunity to co-operate in the final IDW issues to further that story line. Might have cleared up a lot of the issues with Angels plot in Season 8.
Any bets on the Scooby-Gang member that will cross-over within first year? Andrew? Willow? Xander?
Hmm,my bet is Willow.I guess it could be Andrew but I think at this point Willow is more likely.For story reasons I could see her making sense.

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