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"I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you."
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October 08 2011

What I see in the mirror: Olivia Williams. She talks about... well, what she sees in the mirror.

I am in awe after reading that interview.
She's a brilliant, inspiring woman.
Just adding a reply because if she checks Whedonesque to see how high her torch is carried (in the form of how much buzz notes about her generate), she needs to know - high! There's not much to say beyond just affirming that she's very respected here.
"Pubes" - oh honestly. Olivia does make me laugh. She always comes across as very down to earth in interviews, and her sense of humour, is just delightful.
She can be so witty and insightful that it's just a delight to read all her interviews (and the articles she's written).
Olivia Williams is playing our tragic yet greatest First Lady. Life is not entirely unfair.
I met Olivia earlier this year after going to see her play. (She was, as you can probably imagine, great on stage). She took a bunch of us to a pub, we had drinks, she was gloriously down to earth and full of tales, then she got on the underground home. Everybody should work with this lady.
When I saw the above comments about Ms. Williams playing a first lady, I assumed it must have been for something about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis during the late sixties or early seventies, even though I agree about who is our greatest first lady. But Eleanor Roosevelt? No disrespect to anyone, but I don't think they manufacture enough make-up to make Olivia Williams look like her.
There is more of Olivia Williams's apparently unlimited loveliness over at the Telegraph and on The Review Show.
"Nostrils like rugby balls" actual lol.
I think it'd be pretty swell for every person everywhere to read this interview. Can we make that happen somehow?
She seems lovely in every way - this very cool combo of incisive intelligence, stark honesty and bawdy wit, wrapped up in a charming & gorgeous human package.

I'm so glad she joined the Whedon'verse so we can go on about her. ; ]

(I just watched an old episode of Friends from 1998 in which she plays a bridesmaid who sleeps with Joey, and although she was all dewey fresh and lovely, I like her face even better now - she's still lovely, but now there's interesting stuff written on her.)

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