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October 08 2011

SFX Magazine's top 25 sci-fantasy icons of the 21st Century. You voted for them back in April, the magazine special came out in July and now you can read the feature online (several Whedonverse characters feature on the list). An additional interview with the actor whose character got voted number one can be found here.

Thanks to hann23 for the heads up.

I lost count of the number of Whedon characters on the list - was it 8 in all? - but the pretty much dominated. Wash, Echo, Angel, River, Jayne, Spike, Buffy, and Mal. Is that all?

Hard for me to accept any list like this that doesn't have Buffy #1.

I'm surprised that Laura Roslin didn't make the list and I find it absolutely bizarre that Ianto got that high. Something doesn't smell right about that. Ballot stuffing? I can see Gwen Cooper making the list way before Ianto.

I'm really, really surprised, given that this was a British poll, that the Doctor didn't get the #1 spot, even though I think Buffy deserved it.
It's quite Whedony. Is this fandom just better organized online?

I too was a bit suprised that Dr. Who wasn't #1.

Is Mal really more popular then Buffy? I love them both, but that just seems a bit off. I think certain fandoms and certain parts of this fandom are just really well connected online. I gotta believe that there really are more Buffy fans, just not ones that vote in these things.

Of course overall, I was pleased with the list. I think I want to buy this edition, if I can find it.
Must say I'm pretty happy with the list. Yes, we can dance in circles over the rankings, but it's a good overall coverage nevertheless.
Any time there's online voting...

I'm not at all surprised that Ianto was that high. He was loved by many a fangirl, especially after.
Where is Quatermass?
Yay for us!! I thought the blurbs that described the individual characters were very good.
I'm surprised Echo was on the list, to be honest. Not that I didn't like Dollhouse...I just never imagined her as an "icon", especially in comparison to the others on the list....

Also, Mal before Buffy? Really? I would have thought Buffy would have had the greater impact...

None of these are really complaints though. I'm always pleased to see Whedon characters regarded so well. :)
Gotta love the Browncoat's and Whovian's (or their Torchwood cousins at least) stuffing the ballot once again. Ianto at six? Seriously?
Aside from Torchwood and Firefly not many of these characters are from the 21st Century. I don't think anyone really considers the Zachary Quinto version of Spock "iconic".
Stupid criteria. Stupid poll.
@hann23, you can find the mag on eBay.
@rehabber -- thanks, I'll check it out. @simon -- thanks
Ballot stuffing obviously occurred, otherwise Ianto wouldn't have made the list. If you haven't watched TORCHWOOD you'd have absolutely no idea who he was. And the photo of him was incredibly misleading. How often did Ianto do anything that action oriented?

But given that Ianto made the list you still have to ask why Gwen wasn't on the list. She and Captain Jack are clearly and indisputably the lead characters on the show. Ianto would have come fifth or sixth for Seasons One and Two, and became the third most important character only after attrition. I'm a TORCHWOOD fan (and am still hoping for more, even though MIRACLE DAY was a disappointment - I'm guessing that Jack becomes a traveling companion for the Doctor, given the closing credits of the BBC version of MIRACLE DAY, about more Captain Jack in 2012), but I was completely unaware of some Ianto cult out there.

I really don't think any of the STAR TREK people should have been on the list at all, given that it is a 21st Century list. I really am pissed that Olivia Dunham didn't make the list.
It was a niche poll on a niche website - I'm willing to bet under a thousand people even voted, if that, and over half of it will have been fandoms.

Not saying anybody didn't deserve their place, of course. Mal kicked arse. (Although Buffy holds my fragile heart).
10,000 people took part in the poll according to the press release.
Yeah, I love Firefly and everything, but Mal among others being a bigger icon than Darth Vader or Dr. Who is a little silly.
Well I suppose in theory you'd only be voting for the Darth Vader who appeared in the last five minutes of Revenge of the Sith. And I'd rate Mal higher much higher than that version. Doctors 9, 10 & 11, on the other hand, will that's a different kettle of fish.
1000, 10000, they're close! And I'm lyin'!
I agree with Simon, no way Darth Vader should have been on this list. While I wouldn't put Mal in first place, I would have put him way, way higher than the 21st century Darth Vader.

One other character I'd put on the list is Max from DARK ANGEL. And no one from FARSCAPE? That seems wrong.
Eh'. It was a list. They got hits. Mission accomplished.
Hence, the dance. I didn't realize there were two forms of Darth Vader, that's interesting. Always thought...oh, nevermind.

Tickled pink that Mal was rated top Captain. That's quite a mark in any view.
Any top 25 list that has 8 Whedony characters is fine by me. I was surprised but pleased that Echo was on the list. Although I was a bit disappointed to not see Dr. Horrible.
I'm with Like With Pie on the "Huh, ... Echo?" sentiment. Yes, she was the lead character on a show that had an energetic fandom, but I have a hard time buying her as "iconic." Dollhouse had a lot going for it, but I'm not entirely convinced that it's going to have the sort of lasting cultural impact of Buffy or Firefly. I would have put Dr. Horrible on the list before Echo.

*ducks and runs*
@simon - maybe 10,000 votes were registered but no way that 10,000 people took part. The obvious skewing of votes suggests some of those people sat at their computers and hit 'refresh' a gazillion times!
From what I recall, an email address has to be supplied when filling in the form.
Plus, I must question the "gazillion". I tend to limit my button pushing to one. Just my thing.

Back to discussion, I'm surprised of the backwash on Echo. Kinda'stuck me as a mini River, as where, Joss wanted to go?
Summer Glau (River Tam at #11 and Cameron Phillips at #16) and James Marsters (Spike at #5 and John Hart at #86) were the only actors who had two entries in the Top 100; which leaves Summer Glau the only one who has two entries in the Top 25.
Huzzah for Summer!
"The Top 25 SciFi/Fantasy Characters that Devoted "Firefly" and "Torchwood" Fans Compiled In a Hurry and Labelled Icons of the 21st Century" would have taken too much space.

Points that stuck out were

1. If one had conceded that A) Harry Potter is scifi/fantasy and B) that this list of icons is "... of the 21st century" than the conversation for #1 starts and stops with that name. I'm not even a big mark for Harry Potter but sometimes reality must seep in.

2. The 1/3rd Whedon representation on a list of 21st century scifi/fantasy icons when most of his stuff was on the air only briefly and mostly in the early part of the first decade of the century seems... well, not so much biased as misunderstanding of their own list. If you have a "title" franchise (i.e. named after a character), isn't a bit unlikely you're going to have more Top 25 icons from the non-title regulars than even made it from the title characters? I'm not only looking at Spike -- who at #5 seems high, but also Ianto (an order of magnitude more obscure than Spike, but more of a 21st century scifi/fantasy icon than Harry M.F. Potter? Lulz?).

3. Since by the time I even get to this point, I pretty much already have blown off the list, but I'm surprised that there's no "Lost" representation in the top 25. That feels unlikely on an "...of the 21st century" list that includes, again, two characters from "Torchwood" and eight characters from Joss' shows.
Hey, Madhatter, I'm not complaining. I think Echo's a great character. If it was a list of best sci-fantasy characters, I think she definitely belongs. I'm just not sure she gained the exposure to become as iconic as some of the other characters on the list.

But as has been mentioned before, it's impossible to have a completely objective list.
I did enjoy their characterization of Wash as the "Jiminy Cricket" of Serenity.
I'm glad I don't have to choose between The Doctor and Mal.

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