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October 10 2011

Interview: Buffy Alum and Bandwagon Star Emma Caulfield. VeryAware's Jason Tabrys (@jtabrys) has a fun discussion with Emma about everything and anything, from Buffy to the Peach Pit.

"In this exclusive interview we touch on some of those projects, her time on BUFFY, a possible BUFFY musical, Joss Whedon, her web-series BANDWAGON, her pursuit of both critical and mass success, the Peach Pit, and her actual take on bunnies."

Well that's a strange way to end the article. I'm curious about her actual opinions of Buffy.

I still love her, though. And Bandwagon really is brilliant.
She didn't seem like she wanted to talk about Buffy. Maybe it's just seeing the words versus hearing them spoken, but she seemed kind of cold about it.
Maybe she's still pissed about being unceremoniously sliced in half?
I seem to recall that she had major problems with 20th Century Fox.

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