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October 11 2011

Our little Dawnie is all grown up. Michelle Trachtenberg is firmly in her mid twenties.

Her surgeon has done a fantastic job on her nose.
Happy Birthday Michelle.
I don't understand nose jobs. How do people manage to get into their heads that their birth noses are unattractive? That doesn't even make sense. Who came up with the idea that noses should all look the same in order to be acceptable? Hitler?

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The Egyptians
She apparently hates when people say "Little Dawnie is all grown up."
I hate it as well. It seems every news title about Michelle Trachtenberg has that "all grown up" bit. We get it, she's not a kid anymore.

Still happy birthday to a gorgeous woman and a talented actress!
I find it very strange that under Trivia it states that she "played Dean Butler's daughter in Buffy the Vampire Slayer." They never had a scene together; hell, when was the last time he was on the show? Season 2? Anyway, very odd.

Okay, I just remembered Normal Again, but that wasn't even Michelle. Just some random baby.

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GreatMuppityOdin - Not sure. The media that places such an emphasis on looks? The natual effect of seeing yourself on screen over and over as you grow up? Or maybe just a matter of wanting something to change, and being able to change it. Often, it's seen as nothing unusual. A minor correction. Hers is actually very elegant. A natural shape, just narrowing slightly. Ala Scarlett Johansson as opposed to Michael Jackson
Happy Birthday, Michelle!
Wait a minute; she really had a nose job?! I had no(se) idea!
(Feel free to edit out that terrible pun)
Not to be indelicate, but there's a lot of photographic evidence around that Michelle's been grown up for years.
Happy birthday Michelle. Wishing you all success in your future endeavors!

ahhhh...and in defense of the birthday girl, why should anyone care if she had surgery on her nose? It's not your business (people have the surgery for medical reasons, not just cosmetic) and it's really bad form to comment on it — instead of wishing her happy birthday, like you would any other member of the Whedonverse.
Happy birthday Michelle!
Sid the Wily Dairy Gnome -

I take your point. There remains a weird judgemental edge to surgery which results in taboo. But you will see from my comments, they are complimentary and respectful, and in my (professional) view, there's no need to tip toe around it. But it's as much my business to comment on this as to wish her happy birthday. In both cases, I do not know her. Whether she had the surgery for medical or cosmetic reasons doesn't really impact the fantastic quality of the work itself, which was my original post. The fact that you seek to differentiate as to the reason the surgery happened - to come to her "defence" when there is no attack -maybe speaks more to your view on cosmetic surgey than mine.

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Sid the Wily Dairy Gnome:
Yes, absolutely nobody's business but hers. I'm just confused by why anyone would want to do such a thing in general. I've never looked at a natural, healthy nose and went "ew!", and I've never heard a person described as "attractive if it weren't for that fatty nose". Noses come in different shapes and sizes, and it just seems like such an insignificant thing to alter. Same goes for lips, which usually end up looking out of place and misshapen after alteration. I'm confused as to why so many people seem to look at their own faces and go "nope, that's wrong, I've gotta do something about that nose/those lips" when there's nothing wrong with them to begin with. I find it very strange and I wish to understand it.

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