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October 11 2011

The Avengers trailer is online. It's officially up.

It's not the only thing officially up. Am I right?

...I'll be here all night
"Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist."

Seriously...this looks ridiculously awesome.
And that made my day. I knew from the start that Joss would write great lines for Tony Stark, and he surely did. I never doubted him, but the action scenes exceeded my expectations. They look so cool! I never liked Iron Man's flyin scenes in his movies but the scenes in the trailer made me feel so excited, just like when i saw Spidey swinging through NY on Spider-Man 1 so elegantly.
So cool. Only 7 months to go!
"Doctor Banner, you work is unparalleled and I'm a huge of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster." If you didn't think that Joss Whedon writing Downey-Junior Stark before wouldn't be fun, you should be now. Also, massive Fan of Chris Hemsworth's laugh.
I may be stupid but when i click download 1080p it starts Quicktime and streams the trailer, i can't find the file on my laptop. Any help?

And Enver is in the trailer as well, in the beginning. Am I wrong?

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Omg omg omg omg omg!!!!! This looks amazing. Did I just wet myself..yes...yes I did:-)
This trailer made my week... a movie written and directed (so clearly :) ) by Joss, with a Nine Inch Nails song to boot? Happy day!
I am definitely Team Thor's Laugh.
I like how Captain America's attempt to take Iron Man down a peg doesn't remotely work.

Also, I saw a bit of Enver. More of "if-you-didn't-know-he-has-a-cameo-you-won't-see-him-because-you're-not-looking-for-him" bit than a "blink-or-you'll-miss-him" deal.
Pure Awesome.
Gotta love how all the humor so far comes straight from the lips of Tony.

Also I am a fan of watching cars explode, so, cheers to that. No bad here.
I just can't stop watching it. I have no interest in not watching it. Holy wow. "Thanks." Agh. Yes! Joss, if you're reading this, way to go.
I know. I should be working but yet I'm not. I shall watch the trailer again.
Finally saw it on youtube. Like it. Definitely fan of Thor's laugh.
Enormous green rage monster FTW!

I shall watch it again to see Enver.
Now, that was awesome. It has left me speechless.
Here's an alternate YouTube link if anyone is having trouble with the Apple site:
Oh yeah, action, story and snark! SNAP!

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Squee! Seriously awesome; also, I'm pretty sure that was Enver. And even though I know they're not primary characters, there was nowhere near enough Hawkeye and Black Widow, though they did look bad ass. And I deeply appreciate having Nine Inch Nails' "We're in This Together" playing over the background.

Honestly, I don't know why I watch this, as I'm just torturing myself further. #stupideightmonthwait
I's nice to see what Joss can do with a budget. This'ere movie's gonna be a shit-kickin' good time, y'all!
I thought I was excited before. This movie is going to be SO GREAT!!!!
Twitter is a buzz with tweets, including some of our favorite tweeterers(word?)

This day just got so much better. Thanks, Joss for your awesomeness.
under rug swept, after you watch the trailer, go under the File menu and choose "Save As..." Otherwise the file won't be retained on your computer. And you really, really want to retain it on your computer.

And now, as John Locke would say, we're going to have to watch that again.
As far as I can tell today is the first day this trailer is available anywhere, meaning it has not yet been in theaters. Is it in theaters today too? Maybe ahead of Real Steal? I'd really love to see this in a theater!
Watches trailer

*iz dead*

I spotted Enver and Tony Stark dialogue just makes me grin :D
Awesome. Seriously.

Now all I need is a CitW trailer and I'll be set.
CitW trailer is coming, guidedby.

Also, this trailer just screams epic. With a side of joss spraying his brain on the screen. In a good way. Double epic.

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If someone does have a youtube link, those of us with no Quicktime on our work computers would sure love to see it, thanks.
Do you know when, Gossi?

MrArg, scroll up to tracerbullet's post.

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eddy/tracerbullet, please forward your addresses so I can send checks for your children's college educations. Thanks!
This is pure, unfiltered, cold pressed, virgin AWESOME!!

It looks perfect can't believe I have to wait so long to see this!!
Oh god, this is so perfect and amazing and I've watched it three times and I should probably be studying right now, but come on, I can watch it once or twice more, right? (six hours later)

That being said, the trailer leaves me kind of concerned that The Avengers might more accurately called Iron-Man and Friends. Which, you know, isn't necessarily a bad thing.
No surprise that they will push Iron Man's presence, his movies and Downey are probably the biggest selling point to the broad moviegoing audience (and I believe in the comics he is the leader of The Avengers, being the smartest and all). I suspect it'll shake out a little more evenly in the movie itself.

Personally think this trailer will really amp up excitement for this movie, it's very fun and picks out some great moments to share without giving the whole thing away. I was perusing some feedback on another geek site (one prone to a lot of trolls, to be frank) and there seemed to be a lot of complaining about the use of the NIN track. I found it to be a great choice.
I can understand if someone's not fond of NIN personally, but I honestly think it fits the tone of the trailer very well. Different strokes, I guess.
Now I'm excited: wicked excited. That was a smart trailer, and it looks like a fantastic movie - Jossily written and beautifully shot. I'm everso a'flutter now (partly because I'm also Team Thor's Laugh, as well as Team Thor's Everything Else... but I digress...)

Looks like Joss got to Blow Things Up Real Good to his heart's content. Finally - the budget to wreak some real pretend havoc.

Congrats to Team Joss, and seriously: don't wanna wait, but sadly gots to.
Yeah I thought the song didn't really fit the trailer, I'm not really a NIN fan though.

Really looking forward to this, the action all looks bloody impressive. Didn't think Downey's line to Hulk was delivered particularly well though, maybe its just the trailer context.
My mind is having a hard time putting my excitement into words. I'm shaking from awesomeness! I've been pumped up about this since the first night I stared in disbelief at Joss' name being attached to this movie. Now, I'm just giddy. Excuse me, I have to go watch it for the thousandth time.
I don't see Joss's name in this trailer. But I do see his brain.
I thought the song worked perfectly, and I'm only vaguely a mildish fan of NIN. The tone felt right & kinda kick-ass. It's partly what got me all pumped to see it.
And I think that since the 300 trailer, nine inch nails is in virtually every action based movie trailer ;)... as a NIN fan you will not hear me complain.
Concerning the trailer, I think a known song from The Lonely Island covers my reaction.
Also, aside from the awesomeness of Enver, there's Ashley Johnson from Dollhouse (Caroline in Tim's 'sode, and joss' unaired pilot).
And there's that Angel actor too.
Son of a bitch, Quicktime bullshit. It won't let me download so I can play it with another player! HELP!

I'm not installing Quicktime, it's so invasive it qualifies as malware. Fuck Apple. How do I watch this trailer???
Okay that trailer alone is better than most other full movies.
Except, couldn't find Enver. Clues anyone?
Ashley is first person you see, Enver is at 17 seconds running and looking. dispatch - scroll up.
OMG! So. Much. Fangirl. Flailing!!!!!!!! So awesome, I can't wait!
I am surprised by how good it looks. I didn't think a SuperFriends movie would really work. I am however now doubly sorry that Ed Norton didn't return as the Hulk, because it looks now like this film is more than Norton-worthy.
That was amazing!
Looks fun. Downey certainly looks like he's going to be the most entertaining of the group, though I can't say that's a shock.
I'll be in my bunk...
EEEEEE! I was a little concerned because I'm not a huge fan of action movies, but it seems like this movie will be packed with snappy Whedony dialogue.

Now I need to go watch Thor.
Team Thor's Laugh needs to be our next button because really...Thor's laugh.

Also, once again... Joss is Boss
I’m thinking this is the most themy trailer I’ve ever seen. If Avengers is the story of forming a team out of people who shouldn’t even be in the same room together.

Tony Stark is the focus, not only because he’s the best-known character, but because his character embodies the flaw they all must overcome in themselves before the final reel: “...I don’t play well with others.”

The villain wants to create a world that embodies that flaw: “In the will be every man for himself.”

At the opposite end of the spectrum from Stark’s individualism is Captain America’s total identification with the all-sacrifice-for-the-common-cause ethic of World War II. He lacks respect for the guy who doesn’t think he's good “with others” even when the world’s at stake. But what Steve Rogers (two first names? The man lacks all identity) says about Tony Stark is true of Captain America. Without the uniform, before the super serum, he was nothing, at least in his own eyes. I think his lack of individuality is illustrated by the silver screen’s most nondescript pants-and-shirt combo ever, the only way anyone could make Chris Evans’ body look unimpressive without serious CGI. I want Tony Stark to call him the 90-year-old virgin. Though I suspect Iron Man will play quite well with others and Captain America will learn some self-respect before the final reel.

Thor, the god, laughs at the puny humans. He’ll learn respect for them too.

And it’s in Real 3D, which is real good, since it’s about the space between the characters and bridging it, and that’s a three-dimensional metaphor. Even when the characters are in the same room in (I think) S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, they’re physically separated, either by extremes of foreground and background, or by not making eye contact with one another, or by being in separate shots when they confront one another. (Tony Stark makes eye contact with Bruce Banner, but only to make a false connection before taunting him about his anger management problem; Banner doesn't even look at him as he replies.) ETA (Noticed Stark and Rogers are in the same shots when they confront each other--i.e., when Rogers expresses his contempt for Stark apart from his armor and Stark emphasizes his individual identity.)

But there’s a promise they’ll come together: We hear Stark (while Loki is trying to pick them off one by one?) talking about “we.” “And if we can’t protect the earth, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it.” Or in the words of Nine Inch Nails:

you and me
we're in this together now
none of them can stop us now
we will make it through somehow
you and me
if the world should break in two
until the very end of me
until the very end of you

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Interesting analysis Pointy. I would argue Steve Rogers has loads of self-respect, it's most everyone else who did not respect him until he gained his strength. Ironic then, that he should attempt to be the bully, treating Tony Stark the way people treated weak Steve Rogers.

Steve always believed he could do more than anyone gave him credit for, and he went absurdly out of his way to prove it. Before he even agreed to the experiment. He has one simple belief: ANYONE can and should fight for what's right. I'd wager he believes in Tony Stark too, except (as evidenced by the trailer) when Tony is... talking.

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Nice. Not a big fan of a lot of the action movie trailer conventions exhibited (like the obligatory, seeming randomly inserted rock music) but insofar as a trailter doing what it should - nice job!
Thoughtful thoughts, bobw1o, thank you for them.
Can not wait, can not wait... is it May yet?
@Pointy I have to stop and look longingly at your analysis. Very astute.

@bobw10 I see the "bully" you speak of, however, I also see disappointment and pain in Steve's eyes. He helped win a war that he never got to see the end of, and lost everybody he loved. Steve is a serious soldier too, so unlikely to take to flippant. But, yes, mean of him, certainly not noble.

And as for that trailer?

It wasn't until I watched it full screen that I appreciated its awesome. Joss sure knows his mediums. Lovely use of sound too. And I'm not just talking about the soundtrack, but the clangs, and bashes, and whizzes and pops. Plus the real action is focused firmly on the group dynamic. Yeah some get more screentime than others, but this is yer actual Joss, great with the ensemble(tres Brechtian), and the moment in the sun for everyone. I'm guessing the movie will be full of all kinds of Pow! Wham! Ker-Biff-ery!

How many months?

ETAlter "Biff-Oof-ery!" to "Ker-Biff-ery!"

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Loved the dialogue and definitely heard Joss' voice in places. As I haven't watched others in the series (not a huge comix-movie fan), am wondering whether the humorous jabs from Tony Stark/Iron Man are 'in character' for him as established in previous films or a new Jossian wrinkle.
Tony's been established as a smart-ass.
@baxter The essential character of Tony Stark is there; he has always had an arrogance (and recently the comics have concentrated somewhat on making him pay for this) but he IS a genius. He WAS a playboy type but seems to have outgrown that phase. And the group he runs with do tend toward the banter, so it's not so far stretched as to be, say Mr Fantastic on a really bad day.

Or what The One True b!X said. I'm off to write "Less is More" one hundred times. Um?

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Thanks @bix and @viewingfigures - probably a matter of enhancing his qualities then!
I don't understand... Joss is directing, right? I'm not an expert on how cinema jobs work, but that's like completely different from writing the thing, isn't it?
Yes -- he is both the writer and director for this movie.
A trailer that features some Tony Stark snark is brilliant marketing. The dialogue sounds like Joss (smart and funny) and the shots we saw look like Joss' (beautiful and exciting), I am VERY excited about this film (because I do think it will manage to be more than just an action movie). Fabulous.
That trailer has me very excited :)

I remember when the teaser trailer came out people were talking about aspect ratios - I think this trailer confirms the less elongated ratio?

I am still a bit unclear if this is getting filmed in 3D or getting converted. Does anyone know? It seemed that Mark Ruffalo didn't think it was filmed in 3D... see here.

I was wondering if it was getting filmed in 3D whether that could account for the aspect ratio (because they are only showing one 'eyes' worth?)
Bluey, it was not shot in 3D, nor would that affect the aspect ratio when shown in 2D. Both eyes in 3D are shot with the same aspect ratio. You need everything in the frame to be shot twice, not just parts of it (and yes, you technically lose a little on the edges shooting 3D, cause there's a bit on both sides that does not overlap)

While this does not 100% confirm this is the aspect ratio for this film, it does seem to be the case. I might have been the one that brought up the aspect ratio before, I was certainly involved in the discussion. I'm a fan of 2.35 in general, especially for big action movies. But unlike many of my friends I'm game for whatever the filmmakers intend. I loves me some 2.35, but in Joss I trust. Looks great so far!

Plenty of great action/thriller/adventure movies are 1:85. Both Hellboy movies. Even Aliens (I believe the only one of the 4) which is a great looking movie, and quite action-packed. Although Cameron prefers 2.35 and has shot all his subsequent movies that way, even he admits Aliens looks great and was probably best for the time to be shot 1.85.

What was that viewingfigures was saying about "less is more?"

Incidentally, viewingfigures, I don't think that Cap is a bully, just that he took to a bullyish tactic for pretty much the reasons you described because he didn't know how to deal with Tony in that moment of frustration (well, probably scene of frustration)

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@Pointy, loved your analysis!
Thanks bobw1o :)
I can't stop watching this. It feels like the days when the first Serenity trailer came out and we were all watching it frame by frame. ;)

I wish Joss's name was on it somewhere though.
Looking at it again, it looks like it's framed for 1.85, not 2.35 and then cropped. Which would be weird for them to do anyway, but a guy can hope right? Considering the camera they shot with, it makes the most sense to shoot it 1.85 anyway, 2.35 might have ended up with noticeable image degradation when projected in theaters.

I'm just saying what we're all thinking. :P
CitW trailer is coming

Thanks gossi!

Now I'm even more excited. :)
The scene with Loki at the start reminded me of the scene with Simon at the start of Serenity, love Joss' use of bluein his movie filming.
Is anyone worried though that the action pieces appear to all involve a street being shot up? Are there any other action sequences - ones that don't involve flippy cars? Are they holding something back? The street scenes look very advanced, and may be the best effects for a street being blown up that we've yet seen - but we've certainly seen a lot of those.
will.bueche, do you really think Joss would give away the most kick-ass bits in the trailer? Think about it.
Also notice that most of the action sequences, in fact, are from the city shoots that we'd already seen YouTube footage of. In terms of the action, they've almost entirely avoided anything we couldn't have figured out from that to begin with. There's still a whole lot of movie out there.

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Yes this is going to be the perfect film for a date night with the Boyfriend! He'll be able to enjoy all the actiony fun and what looks to be even more Iron Man goodness and ofcourse he'll get Scarlett Johansson so he'll be happy and won't notice me sitting next to him cheering and sighning whenever there are moments of pure Joss.

The last time I got this excited about a trailer for a coming attraction was Serenity.

beeteedoubleyou; this works REALLY well on a 50" screen! also, was I the only one who almost thought that the trailer would start with: "for every day, there is a night. For every world there is an under world... and for every hero there is; this guy." Yes i've put my dork-pants on today it seems.
@bobw10 Yeah. I actually liked your rumination on Steve. I never felt you regarded him as demonstrating anything other than the attitude of a bully. Tried, and failed, to convey that with my "".
The trailer was cool, but slightly underwhelming. It's a typical studio trailer, designed to get Joe P interested, promising quips and 'splosions. Clearly not a huge amount of Joss' voice on view just yet, but I would have expected it at this stage. If I saw this in isolation, I am not sure it would have been hugely impressive.
Currently trending on Twitter Australia. Not shabby considering the new iphone hits stores friday, and our carbon tax passed one of its biggest hurdles today.
@baxter: For Tony Stark's "voice", it definitely fits the character back when Joss was a teen. Also, movies are their own world, so we are fortunate to get a convergence of character, actor, and writer/director.

I remember a scene (written by Jim Shooter) where we see Tony in a bathrobe in a penthouse after he stayed the night with the lady (ladies?) who threw a party, and he calls his secretary. "Mrs. Arbogast, please send a dozen roses, and a cleanup crew... No, no sandblasters, it wasn't that sort of a party."

@AndyDufresne and @will.bueche: Keep in mind a few things...
1) Joss may not be involved with the trailers directly. In which case the marketing department may be keeping things general while the film is being edited.
2) Still six months away. Probably a lot of editing going on, and CGI work not completed. No way to use action scenes with huge amounts of green screen in them. (Only a half a second of Hulk, for example, and that might have been stolen from the previous films.)
3) There will be another 1-2 trailers before release. The idea is to build up anticipation, not to have it fizzle out half a year in advance.
all I have to say is yay! I've had Dr. Horrible songs in my head all day. I think I know why now...and now I have to watch two iron man movies and thor. Excuse me for a few....
Looks like he went larger than life. Kind of the opposite of Serenity's "found" feel. How many hero shots were in the trailer alone?

Joss really has an eye for cinamatography. That often gets left out during the showers of praise. This film looks pretty and textured. This looks and sounds like a Whedon story. I'm beyond excited.

Someone else probably said all this but got lost in the squees.

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will.bueche - I'm pretty bummed about it not being Edward Norton too... especially would have loved to see him and RDJ interacting. But I'm sure Mark Ruffalo will be great, and I was really pleased to hear that he apparently called Ed Norton for approval before accepting. Makes me feel a bit better about it.

Who else is super excited for some awesome one-shots throughout that SHIELD headquarters room looking place??
Next spring will be a bad time for Whedon haters. They should give up now.

The Avengers trailer is a huge hit — I'm getting a kick checking out the excited tweets, still going strong in many languages, a tweet every few seconds.

The trailer seems carefully designed knowing we'll watch it frame by frame. I think they did their best to include only those shots where almost every single frame is gorgeous and looks straight out of a Marvel comic.

I looked for a Baxter Building in the Manhattan shot with the big midtown Stark building but haven't spotted it yet. It did look like this Manhattan might have a few other differences from ours besides the Stark building.

Absolutely. Like I said, it's the kind of trailer I would expect at this stage. I expect much more focus and excitment is to come.
Finally saw it! It's exactly what Marvel needs it to be at this early date: something to let regular moviegoers know what it's about. Nothing wrong with that. It looks great.
That was an interesting trailer-- they sort of went for generic metal, even if NIN is apparently reputable through Reznor, and the title of the track is appropriate. Yet they also sort of took for granted people recognized characters from watching previous films--particularly Loki-- they got in a bit of character dynamics for an extended teaser trailer.

That said, for whatever reason I wasn't particularly impressed with the style visually. Pretty much everything is color corrected now and I don't really know what to think of how everything seems kind of washed-out/muted even if there are a lot of pops of color? Granted the fact they were so faithful with the costume colors means they would probably be a bit too garish in a number of circumstances.

Yes it's obviously a matter of this just being a trailer and stuff out of context and what not, but the only shot that really stood out to me was his take on the trope with a person facing away from an explosion. Normally they're walking away from it so there's something intriguingly stagey about having Black Widow stand there fairly serenely. (Skrull? Assuming they really are one of the bad guys?)

And speaking of Serenity I did wonder, is the SHIELD facility also that high school he used for Miranda? I don't remember if they filmed any of the movie at all in California, where I thought the school was located.
Its interesting that thats the shot that stood out for you orangewaxlion cause on other forums thats the one that people have derided the most. The comment that I see the most is that its too staged, awkward and posed. I figure it will look more natural in the film itself.
Thank you kindly, viewingfigures and Effulgent!

Now I'm wondering if Tony Stark's "I don't play well with others" line is meant less as snark and more as an expression of self-loathing. Maybe as a snarky acknowledgement that he's not sure he'll function as a team member.
When the trailer guys are able to put together a two-minute ad for a comic book movie written and directed by Joss Whedon, and leave that trailer almost entirely devoid of wit - indeed, of spoken f*cking language - we are truly in the presence of evil geniuses.


How in the world did that trailer manage to sap some of my (admittedly minimal) interest in this film?!

Hmm - perhaps I'll go watch the 'Serenity' trailer to wash this taste from my mouth...:)

[ edited by waxbanks on 2011-10-13 03:22 ]
eddy said:

The comment that I see the most is that its too staged, awkward and posed.

I remember Black Widow had the exact same "problem" in Iron Man 2. All she would ever do is some absurd, wire-assisted flip, bringing someone down with her legs/thighs and then pose like a swimsuit model, for no one in particular. I suppose we can give them points for being consistent? Check out this YouTube vid where an Emmy-winning VFX artist (twice for Heroes) further explains why the movie didn't work (contains some adult language).

waxbanks said:

How in the world did that trailer manage to sap some of my (admittedly minimal) interest in this film?!

I think you may have answered your own question there. If you're already predisposed not to be interested in/excited about Joss Whedon doing a high-profile Avengers movie, then I doubt a quick, early teaser trailer is going to change your mind.

I got just enough Joss-branded wit and "spoken language". If what's there isn't enough for you, I don't know what to do for you. I'm thinking the reason Joss' funny lines (or even his name/cred) are not rampant in this ad, is because that's not what this particular ad is about. This seems to be an early promotion of the big, summer spectacle aspect and notations of WHO is in the film. I'm sure once we get closer to release (along with Cabin In The Woods), we'll get more promotion about Whedon's involvement and lots more clever dialogue.
I don't see them putting Joss' name in the ad. The majority of people who go see this movie will most likely have never heard of him.

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